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  1. ?U4icmusic above mention it can only be used on deposits. Did this policy get changed recently
  2. Was it ever possible to use it on 5 day cruises or is it 6 days with no exceptions? Because I want to go from los angeles to vancouver but it is only 5 days Also, we need to complete the cruise before the expiration date?
  3. I plan on stocking up on them but I heard the cheapest was 50% off. Has it ever been this low or lower? And for NCL Cruise next can I use it on any NCL ship and any cabin
  4. Oh I didn't know minimum was 6 days there was a 5 day cruise I wanted to go
  5. Are they combinable with all promos including shareholder promos? So if I find a very good deal by a NCL agent, they can usually apply my cruisenext?
  6. Does the cruisenext program work like gift cards? basically we are buying norweigian credit for cheap and using it in later cruises?
  7. Hi just wondering what price were you able to get for the celebrity apex that was remarkable? I booked celebrity this year for ireland for 14 days and it was about $3800 total including tips for inside. not sure if i overpaid or not , it was on the siholette
  8. Every port I go thru they check the passport visually even in seattle and alaska and miami, any reason why los angeles is different? I notice in los angeles they check everything and it takes a long time
  9. Wow today is last day to purchase obc for the amex offer. I did it over the phone for $500 and it worked I called again but they are close. Anyway to do it online/ I was told if you do it online it does not get processed immediately
  10. Btw has anyone added cruisecare after booking and making full payment with celebrity and would it go under celebrity/
  11. So is it better to purchase OBC over the phone Are those quicker
  12. So you already had a reservation that is fully paid. You just call and say you want to purchase $500 in obc for an existing reservation
  13. I was wondering did your son eventually get the $150 credit for the celebrity cruise
  14. Is the food in club orange much better?
  15. Did you book it directly from Amex? If you book it directly from amex you can try contacting american express to see if they can get it credit on your behalf or they can just credit your amex card
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