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  1. Thank you, alas there are no pictures that I see that answer my question.
  2. I'm looking for information on the Signature Suites on Noordam and Westerdam. Can anyone tell me if the balconies for those rooms are covered on any of the decks? Thanks!
  3. I'm considering booking 2 club class mini-suites for our family of 4 for an Alaskan cruise. I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to book two club class mini-suites with connecting cabins. I looked at some deck plans, for a few ships but I can't seem to find anything with this sort of information. Can anyone help guide me? Are there specific minis that are designated as club-class, or is it just an extra perk that you purchase, and then take your pick of the available mini-suites? If you can help point me to which ships have this, then I can match up the itinerary I'm looking for to see if it's feasible. Thanks!
  4. I feel rather silly for asking, but is there an easy way to compare itineraries on the HAL website, or are the options perhaps listed on some other enterprising site? I'm looking at various Alaska land and sea itineraries, and I can't seem to find a way to easily glance at the order of ports and port times.
  5. I'm starting to try and plan out our next cruise and we've decided on Alaska, for my husband and I our two kids (they'll be 8 and 10). And I need some help choosing a line. A must see for us is Glacier Bay, so anything that doesn't go there is almost automatically out. I found Alaskan Dream and Uncruise and I love the idea of taking the kids on a smaller ship that is really able to access the wildlife and scenic views. I'm far less concerned about kids clubs, casinos, and shows. Our children know how to entertain themselves, and love wildlife watching. However, my big pause is that it looks like there are no connecting cabins, which would force my husband and I to sleep apart, so that we could have one adult and one child in each cabin, and I'm not super wild about that (we could make do for the week, but it's not my favorite idea). I looked briefly at Crystal which seemed like it might be an ok fit, it doesn't look as though you are able to get quite as close to everything (Seabourn does not seem to hit Glacier Bay). Passenger makeup of the cruise is also fairly irrelevant to us, I don't mind sailing with a primarily older crowd, or having almost no other children on board. Our kids are quite adept at entertaining themselves, are well mannered enough that I don't mind taking them out and knowing that they will act appropriately, especially if there are plenty of options to get out and explore during the day. I'll admit lack of wi-fi is another issue. My husband's job does not usually permit him being out of touch for an entire week. It gives him great flexibility, but the downside is that he usually needs 15 or 20 minutes a day to check emails and oversee things. It is not insurmountable but it would be a giant point in favor if there was a smaller ship that had wi-fi. So basically I'm looking for a smaller boat, with an option for slightly nicer appointed cabins that connect, that hits glacier bay, and allows us to rough it, but also has a few more luxury amenities. Is there something that fits? Perhaps another small line that I'm unaware of? Or are we better off sticking with something like Alaskan Dream or UnCruise, and making our peace with slightly less roomy and well-appointed cabins. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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