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  1. We just got back from an Alaskan Oosterdam trip. We booked in late March and owed the full sum right away. It was a good deal for a veranda for 4 of us (casino rate for some strange reason) A few weeks later I noticed that the price went down even more. Anyway, the girl at HAL said that since it was past final payment they could only give us room credit for 1/2 of the fare drop. So we got $318 in room credit as the room rate drop was $636. We were a family of four so there was no bumping us up to a SS. At that time she said that a NS upgrade would be 500 pp or $1,000 for the first two people, nothing for 3 and 4. About two or three weeks later we got an upsell email for $329 pp upgrade to a Neptune for 1 and 2, with 3 and 4 being no charge. We took it. For the rate, I never could get the rate online using my mariner number and/or my husband's to match the rate that HAL told me over the phone. I'm not complaining about the fare being lower when I called then what it was showing online for me (even logged in and using different numbers) but it would be nice to see that lower rate in the first place vs. having to call to get it. I've never had that issue before.
  2. Interesting how cabs work at Sea Tac. You go to a certain level in the parking garage and taxi's are on the right, and executive car rides are on the left. There was a big black suburban ready to go and it was the same price as a cab. We went on a Saturday night to downtown and little to no traffic. It was $50 plus a $5 tip. We usually tip more but the ride took hardly any time. I also appreciated being able to spread out more as we travel with two teenage boys. Uber rides from downtown to port are super easy and cheap. Maybe $10.
  3. We had an incredible viewing day of Hubbard Glacier last week. I believe it was the 29th.
  4. Yes to this! We went with Captain Steve last week. There were four of us and it was a flat rate of $620 I believe for our family. Such a nice guy and we had a great time.
  5. We bought two twelve packs of diet coke in Juneau and carried them easily back in. Our tour guide pulled in a grocery store and my husband ran in. You know that cokes are expensive on board when a $6 (on sale) 12 pack is a better deal!
  6. We just finished up an Alaska cruise on the Oosterdam and even though we tend to sail once a year on Holland, I was really taken aback by the cutbacks in the MDR. The nightly steak offering was no more than 1/2 inch thick and mostly gristle. While in past cruises there was a standard children's menu at dinner - this time they only offered 2 rotating items per night for children - which is frustrating when traveling with children. Interestingly, after a night of thin chewy meat in the MDR, my husband took the boys to the Lido and they got fabulous prime rib cut off in front of them. He also got tenderloin another evening cut the same way - in the Lido. Back to costs...ships must make their money off the ship excursions. It is appalling what they charge for some of the excursions. We booked independently and chartered a private boat for whale watching for $620 and the ship was charging triple that for the same thing, and I believe it was a shorter tour.
  7. Another note for Seattle. If you take a cab you get dropped off right by the ship, if you take an Uber you have to walk just a bit - probably 3 ship lengths. So when we got off ship, we just jumped in a cab that was right outside the door instead of doing an Uber. They also have a shuttle from the Uber pick up/drop off to the ship but on a nice day it is much easier (and faster) to walk. We pack super light - only carry on's so walking with luggage isn't a big deal.
  8. We went out of Seattle last week on the Oosterdam. We stayed at the HGI downtown - very easy Uber ride to the port the next day for the 4 of us. We lucked out on our timing, we got there at 11:10, went straight to the NS line check in after security, got the A boarding group pass and without slowing down a step, they called group A at 11:30 and we walked right being about the 10th person onboard! The rooms were ready to go. At that time there were loads of people looking camped out in chairs waiting for their boarding group to be called. I think getting there at noon or so would be the smart way to not have to wait, unless you are NS or 4 star or above.
  9. Does the room service charge count towards the $300? Ours was $64 a day this past week! Of course, it was also a nice surprise to get a $180 credit for excess port/taxes on the last day.
  10. My parents did that once when taking us (the children) and the grandchildren. They have high status and my dad was listed for one room and my mother another. However, I remember it got glitchy because my dad and brother have the same first and last name. All of my brother's expensive cocktails and spa treatments ended up on my parent's room charge and so on. Not that they weren't able to straighten it all out, but it didn't take much to get my parents flustered. More than once, did I hear my father say "We are never doing this again".
  11. Ours was $329 per person for a balcony to a NS. I took it. It was only for 1st and 2nd passengers, 3 and 4 no charge. I think with four of us it was a good deal, and we got a super low rate on the balcony to begin with.
  12. I got one about 3-4 weeks before the cruise. We leave next week. I called five minutes after getting the email.
  13. Princess Cruises issued a statement around 30 minutes ago - both planes had Royal Princess passengers. But the statement did not imply the two planes were in contact with each other. One was a private tour the other was booked via Princess. But it does appear from other reports that it was a crash. Three are confirmed dead by Coast Guard.
  14. Just having done both, dinner in a veranda cabin is tight. I really don't know how enjoyable it would be with the lack of a decent table. One person has to sit on the couch and the other in the desk chair which are different heights. We get room service for breakfast and it works fine but it is certainly not relaxing dining when you are trying not to knock your coffee cup over with the muffin basket. We have done a NS also and it is a whole lot more room to spread out, and the table outside works so well.
  15. I received an email and called the number on the email. 1-888-628-8107
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