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  1. my husband spends maybe $100 on a cruise at the black jack table and he gets the casino offers. He swears it is because he won a tournament onboard once. But it just saved us $2,700 on an upcoming cruise so it is really worth it.
  2. If our trip is booked under my 2 star husband's account but I am a 3 star, is there any way to get the 25 percent dining discount?
  3. It is fixed and we have a zero balance!! Woo hoo. Thanks to everyone with their positive thoughts the last four days. So glad to have it resolved!
  4. He did! Apparently there are 3 people in the department and she answered his call. Fingers crossed it an be resolved today!
  5. We are still waiting. Yesterday I was sent from department to department and given various new numbers to call. Finally at 11:15 a.m. EST after being disconnected a dozen times by a recording I called my husband to have him start trying. At that moment we were both on hold - the man I finally got in the gift card department - which opens at 11 a.m. EST - sent me to an off site company to look into it (ugh) but my husband got a woman who had access to a different screen and could see what happened. Right now we are waiting for accounting to update. We did feel more comfortable with her ability to resolve but I really hope it gets fixed today.
  6. yes anything purchased at Kroger codes as grocery - except gas.
  7. I have the Chase Freedom Flex card which gives 5x back the first year for groceries and then this quarter it is an additional 4x. So 9x back. I roll the points from Chase Flex to my Chase Sapphire and then roll the points to Hyatt usually. So for example $1,000 purchase I will get 9,000 Ultimate Rewards points which can be transferred to Hyatt and would be enough for a category 2 room. Plus 4x fuel points right now.
  8. It says both have a zero balance. Thank you for the positive comment!
  9. thank you very much. I hate when things like this happen on a Saturday and I have to wait until Monday.
  10. thank you also for the helpful advice! My husband purchased the two gift cards at Kroger this morning and I loaded them properly into the system, system showed that both had $500 and so the remaining balance was correctly noted as $1,596 which went on my credit card. My husband insists it will all work out. Here I am the lawyer in the family and I am losing my mind.
  11. Hello, Yesterday (Friday) I held a cruise with a price of $2,596. Today we got two (2) $500 gift cards for a total of $1,000. I went online today to make payment. Seemed easy enough, and the system allowed me to enter both gift cards, both showed $500x2 being applied to balance and then the remaining balance was $1,596. I put that amount on my visa card. I pushed submit, then it said something to the effect of sorry you waited too long, you need to log in again. (I truly took less than 5 minutes to add the payments). I then went back on and both my gift cards showed zero balance, my credit card was charged $1,596 BUT the Holland system said I had a $500 balance. I called Holland immediately and they were of zero help. It appears the system took both gift cards but only one gift card was applied to my balance. The other gift card now has a zero balance but it was not applied to my balance. I went around and around and all the person could tell me was to call on Monday to their gift card service department. The number she gave me is 1-855-501-4161. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. I am just sick over this. wta
  12. We just got back from an Alaskan Oosterdam trip. We booked in late March and owed the full sum right away. It was a good deal for a veranda for 4 of us (casino rate for some strange reason) A few weeks later I noticed that the price went down even more. Anyway, the girl at HAL said that since it was past final payment they could only give us room credit for 1/2 of the fare drop. So we got $318 in room credit as the room rate drop was $636. We were a family of four so there was no bumping us up to a SS. At that time she said that a NS upgrade would be 500 pp or $1,000 for the first two people, nothing for 3 and 4. About two or three weeks later we got an upsell email for $329 pp upgrade to a Neptune for 1 and 2, with 3 and 4 being no charge. We took it. For the rate, I never could get the rate online using my mariner number and/or my husband's to match the rate that HAL told me over the phone. I'm not complaining about the fare being lower when I called then what it was showing online for me (even logged in and using different numbers) but it would be nice to see that lower rate in the first place vs. having to call to get it. I've never had that issue before.
  13. Interesting how cabs work at Sea Tac. You go to a certain level in the parking garage and taxi's are on the right, and executive car rides are on the left. There was a big black suburban ready to go and it was the same price as a cab. We went on a Saturday night to downtown and little to no traffic. It was $50 plus a $5 tip. We usually tip more but the ride took hardly any time. I also appreciated being able to spread out more as we travel with two teenage boys. Uber rides from downtown to port are super easy and cheap. Maybe $10.
  14. We had an incredible viewing day of Hubbard Glacier last week. I believe it was the 29th.
  15. Yes to this! We went with Captain Steve last week. There were four of us and it was a flat rate of $620 I believe for our family. Such a nice guy and we had a great time.
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