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  1. I have the ultimate dining package for an upcoming European cruise and it includes 40% off bottles of wine. I was thinking I would buy a bottle of wine at dinner and then take anything that’s left back to my room to save for daytime drinks the next day - is that allowed? Or, if I decide not to bring it back, can I have them store it for me for the next night (we will be dining in specialty dining every night)? I’ve done it both ways on Disney but can’t remember how Royal does it (must be that we drank all the wine on our last few cruises!).
  2. I’ve had my waiter at specialty dining adjust the kid pricing for me (I didn’t ask him to, he offered). When he offered, I declined because I assumed he meant an adjustment for that night only and I explained that I would need to go to guest services for the other nights (we had made nightly specialty dining reservations rather than buying a package). He said no he could do it for all the nights we had made reservations and he did. And his tip increased because he saved me the hassle of going to guest services, which is of course why he offered.
  3. I guess I should have said “Royal is cheaper than upscale cruise lines that provide better food in their MDRs.” Carnival isn’t my choice for other reasons, so when I’m comparing prices to lines I am considering (Celebrity, Disney, etc.), Royal is significantly cheaper. The upscale lines obviously provide other amenities that are also better, but aren’t as important to me. It’s certainly not perfect, but for me it’s a reasonable compromise to take a cruise with a cheaper but decent line and just factor in the price of specialty dining. Last summer, our Western Med on the Jewel was less than 1/3 of the price Disney was quoting for a nearly identical itinerary on the Magic. We ate in specialty every night and still came out way ahead. Food quality in specialty on Royal is comparable to MDR on Disney. I wish Royal had an option that was comparable to specialty on Disney, but since I’m not paying those prices, that’s ok. I’ve learned through experience not to go on Royal expecting the quality or service I would get on Disney. Some people are happy with MDR on Royal and that’s great it works for them. After a couple Royal cruises, I concluded that I’m just never eating in MDR. I hate the food, the chaos, and the slow service. Everyone makes adjustments on what matters to them to make their vacation enjoyable. For me, especially on a port intensive itinerary, I’m happy taking a cheaper cruise with Royal and factoring in the cost of a dining package.
  4. I had the worst meal of my life on a Royal cruise (on Explorer), and MDR is generally abysmal. But Royal is also cheaper than other cruise lines that provide better food in their MDRs. I just factor the cost of a dining package into my cruise and I still come out ahead. My first few cruises were on Disney and I was stunned when experiencing the Royal MDR, in terms of food quality, service, and overall atmosphere. Now that I know what to expect, I just avoid it and plan for the cost of Specialty, which is comparable to MDR on more expensive lines. Problem solved.
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