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  1. Sooo...I sailed on the Sunrise back in February, and I tried the Prime Time Turkey. I have to say...I was expecting something very different from the turkey sausage patty I got. Honestly, it just seemed like a giant turkey burger patty to me. Not much sausage flavor at all. I ended up pulling the turkey out of it, and just eating the rest. The hash brown, maple sauce, etc...were fantastic. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably opt for the regular burger patty, with the "fixins" of the Prime Time Turkey.
  2. Like many of the others, we got on and off the ship several times. No problems. We found that, for the same bottle of wine, the prices were actually better at the shop in the port than at the CVS/Walgreens. Security clearly didn't care. We were disappointed not to have a fridge in our room on the Fascination, so we did go to CVS and purchased a small soft-sided cooler...to keep a bottle iced "on deck" at all times! This was a great cruise...such an amazing itinerary and the staff on board was great!!!
  3. Oh. My. Goodness. I had not heard about this. I will be on the Sunrise in 7 days! And I can't wait to try: The Prime Time Turkey, a turkey breakfast sausage patty, maple gravy, provolone cheese, bacon, a hash brown patty and maple donkey sauce on a French toast bun. I'll try to remember to report back!!!
  4. The Fantasy class ships don't have the "Dive In Movies" out by the pool...because they don't have a movie screen outdoors. They will show a movie or two in the Aft lounge, as mentioned above. The screen isn't really all that big, though. It's not my favorite activity on the Fantasy class ships...but some people seem to enjoy it (especially if it's late in the cruise and you've gotten too much sun!).
  5. Agreed - and I know the move to dispensers was fleet-wide. Someone mentioned above that the continental breakfast on Ocean Plaza still used the boxes, however...so I was wondering if the "satellite" breakfast locations, off of Lido, perhaps still relied on the boxes? I'd imagine that since the Family Harbor lounge is fairly dedicated to food service, it will have the dispensers...but I'll be interested to see. My comment was intended in defense of the statement that those taking multiple boxes were "disgusting" and stocking their cabinets at home. However, while not specifically included, I'm fine allowing a child to bring a box of cereal ashore. Especially since packaged, sealed foods are allowed. I've even had Carnival staff recommend it, when my children were much younger (though they were simply being helpful, not speaking on behalf of the cruise line). Parents who sail with small kids know how convenient these little boxes were!
  6. I cruise on Horizon in a couple of weeks...I wonder what they have in the Family Harbor lounge? Hoping for boxes....they are such a convenience for us. I totally understand the switch to dispensers...it just doesn't work as well with the way my kids eat!
  7. Don't be so quick to judge. I sail with a large family, including three kids/teens. The teens especially tend to sleep late, after having been up late at camp. I frequently go up and grab boxes for all of them....which ends up being many boxes...10 doesn't sound unusual for me at all. Sometimes we also take it off to eat at the beach. That's their breakfast (and sometimes lunch, since they're often too picky to eat at the port). We paid for it. On a typical morning, they eat zero food from the buffet...no massive piles of bacon and other food left behind like many adults. No waste at all....Just cereal - which they eat the same day we get it. So yeah, I'm going to take as much of it as I like. I'm so glad to hear this idea. As noted above...my kids love the cereal, and it's going to be tough for me to manage multiple bowls. I hadn't thought of room service as the perfect "to go" option! (Normally I would just grab them since I'm always up on Lido anyway getting my morning Diet Coke on the Bubbles package).
  8. On a ship full of teens, I’d say it will be pretty unlikely. Ultimately it is up to the head of the youth programs...and there is no way for you to find out in advance. From what I’ve seen, this is among the hardest “upgrades” to convince them to make - there is simply a huge difference between a 14.5 yr old and a 17.5 yr old. If I were you, I’d go into it expecting that he won’t be doing camp...but give it a shot, just in case, once you’re on board.
  9. I’ve never been charged, other than the parties (after 10) or the Night Owls (after 10). And maybe the Build a Bear activity might show up as “camp”? in all of those cases, I’ve signed for the charges just like you would everywhere else on the ship.
  10. Make sure your daughter goes to the meet and greet on the first night. The kids tend to group up on that night, and then start hanging out. You'll probably want to get her the texting plan on the Hub app ($5 for the whole cruise), so that she can communicate with her new friends. Overall, I'd give it a somewhat mixed review. My kids (16, 14, and 8 ) usually love camp. However, on the last cruise, the girls my oldest daughter met up with at O2 were just not the type she wanted to hang out with, once she got to know them a little better. Typical teen stuff - That's all I'll say about that! Soooo....it kind of depends. The events themselves will be loosely organized, so meeting people is the real goal. It's definitely worth a try!!!
  11. My youngest has been cruising since she was 17 mos (she’s now 8 and about to take her 17th cruise!). My kids love cruising, and we love it as a family vacation! Here are a few random thoughts: In Grand Cayman, there is a Turtles excursion that a toddler would love. You can book it through Carnival, or on your own for less $. (When we went, it was the same bus transport either way you booked!). For the others, I agree...beach is easy in Cozumel. Check the port of call forums for ideas in others. Roatan has great private guides that will let you build your day. Belize will be toughest - I wouldn’t suggest cave tubing - not sure if they’d let you do it with the little one on your lap. Have fun - and make sure you check out Camp Ocean on the first day of your cruise. My kids love it! If you leave him/her there, they will give you a phone so they can call you if he/she needs you, is crying, etc.
  12. Wow...that sounds incredible! We’ve done Premiere, but have never gotten an Elite invite. Just curious, do you receive these via email or snail mail? Just so I know which to open hopefully...lol.
  13. You really cant, unless someone from an earlier Horizon cruise in September were to come back and post (would have to be the same # of night cruise). Once you’re on board, you can scroll through the daily activities using the Hub app to see what’s being shown on which nights. The app lets you “favorite” events you want to remember to attend. Or if you choose not to use Hub, you’ll just have to wait to see the Fun Times for each day! PS - I’ll be on Horizon in September, too! 9/21 - can’t wait!
  14. Nope. Sorry, they don’t. They have a couple of complimentary movie channels, and the movies rotate each day...but it won’t be these.
  15. Yes. It comes in handy if needed. I never used to need it, since iMessage works when you’re on WiFi, and pretty much everyone I text is on iMessage. But my best friend recently got a non-apple phone...so we needed to text rather than iMessage. We were both on simultaneous cruises in July, and WhatsApp worked perfect for us to stay in touch! We could chat, exchange pics, etc.
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