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  1. Roger, I did talk to him the last night of the last cruise and said “hi” from you. And I already have your website bookmarked. Thanks for sharing all your info and insights.
  2. Just booked Koningsdam 11-night Christmas/New year departing FLL on 22Dec2019. Had such a good time on the 2018 Christmas cruise on Koningsdam, thought why not do it again. Had the aftwrap Neptune on deck 4 (4185) and am moving across the hall to 4211 for this one....no bigger balcony on the seas. Maybe the officer contingent will be a little more personable this time around, but that didn’t really bother us that much....our stewards were great and we found the rest of ship staff to be friendly and accommodating.
  3. Yup. Wait till I happens to you. I always say Please and Thank You, treat people well and tip appropriately. Just asking and expecting what I paid a lot of money for. 😏😏😏😏
  4. Santoush says hi. Helen says hi. San Juan today and then St Thomas tomorrow. Life is hard on the ship.
  5. Having a good time in spite of a rocky start. Beautiful ship, loving our deck 4 aft wrap suite. Going for a latte tomorrow...will say Hi. BTW, Neptune’s do have the night light.
  6. They could have made an announcement. As opposed to keeping us all in the dark. It’s called customer service. 9am in room breakfast arrived at 10am.....cold. That was after I called. I’m in a Neptune suite for christ sake. Response: We’ll try to do better.
  7. Suppose to leave between 4 and 5....,7:35 and still tied up at dock. No announcement or any info as to when we will depart for our Christmas cruise on Koni gsdam. Boy was Roger right about management.
  8. Thanks for all the updates throughout your cruise. We’re at the Hard Rock on the top floor and saw you coming in this AM. Just about ready to leave for the port for our Christmas cruise on “K”. Have a safe trip back to ABQ.
  9. Me too. Army brat, Retired military, retired civil service, 45 years all over the world settled in Dayton, Ohio area. Maybe we will run into each other on HAL someday.
  10. Roger, are y’all from Albuquerque originally? I graduated from Highland in ‘64 and went to ENMU till I got drafted. Again thanks for the updates and enjoy your cruise.
  11. Lisa. Thanks for the pics of st Martin. So happy that the Chocolate Box has reopened, we love that place and always spend way too much. It used to be down the alley where the pic of the old car was.
  12. Thanks Roger for all the updates on Koningsdam. We will be boarding for the Christmas cruise in the Deck 4 aft-wrap starboard. I'll be interested in your impressions of how St Martin/Maarten and the rest of the islands are recovering from Irma/Maria. We are looking forward to hearing more from you during the rest of your cruise.
  13. We didn't move from the balcony except to refill our Sangria glasses.;p It was an amazing day.
  14. :)We will be getting on Koningsdam the day you get off. We are in SB4184 (aft corner) for the Christmas cruise. We enjoyed our SB4180 on Zuiderdam through the Panama Canal back in Feb18. Don't know that we will be able to go back to regular Neptune Suites. :D
  15. Thank You :):):), I had seen those pictures and was really wondering if they had replaced the metal arm chairs with more comfortable chairs that seem to exist in all other Neptune Suites.
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