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  1. The website was definitely not playing ball, as well as not FCC on my account. Called them in the end and all sorted for April 2022.
  2. So we have FCC but only our original deposit as cancelled before payment. trying to book and can’t see any way of booking a cabin number or deck just an area. Is this correct now you can no longer book a certain cabin?
  3. Well thought I would update. I received an email from P&O saying that because they gave a FCC I am not entitled to a refund. Think I need to look in to this further as the cruise I book is no longer the same and I cancelled as it was not safe to travel. May be I give this to my credit card company to deal with.
  4. Hi Wowzz We cancelled before the final payment as was only the deposit so was only 100% of the deposit for FCC
  5. I have filled in the form so lets see now. Good customer service would be to refund as they can see we cruise with them all the time as they want to keep custom but you know what these big companies are like
  6. Thanks for this. They have already given me FCC so guessing I can just fill in the form to request a refund now?. I am guessing they will be awkward.
  7. We were due to cruise in August but cancelled just before we were due to pay the balance and given the deposit as FCC. The cruise we wanted to go on will not go to the same destinations next year so do I stand any chance getting my deposit refunded being I can't get what I had originally booked?
  8. I have requested via the online form to cancel my booking (only deposit of £404 paid not in full) to FCC as cruise was booked for 9th August. I thought I would have at least got an automated reply to say that it's received but nothing. Full payment is due in 11 days and don't want them trying to take it. Anyone had a response from them when cancelling this way?
  9. This is where I was to cancel this morning https://www.pocruises.com/travel-health-advisories/flexible-cancellation-policy There was a separate section for anyone cruising in August. I believe it also says for up to 31st July 110% FCC or 100% refund
  10. Well just cancelled our Cruise which was due in August and due to be paid in around a week (shame as we would have had £400 on board spending money). Have gone for the 110% FCC on our deposit already paid although the cruise we wanted to go on is not the same next year. Hopefully if we can't find anything we fancy we can try and get a cash refund later down the line. Do I need to deal with the cps parking which I have booked or will P&O just deal with that?
  11. Anyone tried to swap their cruise this year for exactly the same a s next year? Just wondering if that's the easier thing to do although I did notice the cabin number we have booked for this year does not exist next year!!
  12. I heard today that Carnival are borrowing against a bond for $6bn in cash to keep them afloat @ 12% interested. So in theory they should be ok for a while especially as their costs will be dropping. I have a cruise booked for August around the British Isles which is due to be paid towards the end of May but still can't decide if I should pay or cancel (guessing I will loose the £440 deposit) I can always reboot if the cruise goes ahead but then no guarantee I can get the insurance as I get it on a holiday by holiday basis.
  13. I don't see why they should not refund. Carnival have just been given a 3bn loan to cover all their cruise companies to keep them afloat (no pun intended) Guess they just want to make sure you cruise again with them
  14. So we have a cruise in August which seems a way off yet but need to pay the rest of the bill in May. I take it if we decide to cancel before payment we get the deposit back as a future cruise credit? I am hoping we will be able to go as it's a cruise around the UK and Ireland but need to make a decision quite soon really.
  15. £400 at the bar for us then. Sounds good to me as ours is in August
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