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  1. Thanks All I am not bothered what days they are toby honest, but the wife would like to know how many there will be. I can't seem to find anything in the planner for this with the 12 night cruise. May be it's to far ahead for this info.
  2. Hi All How do I find out what days and how many days are the posh dress up evenings? I have printed off the full itinerary but it just says freedom dining Thanks
  3. We were on Azura on 26th May. Having the car collect took over 30 minutes of queueing in the blazing sun, so not fun. We then waited a further 10 minutes for a porter to collect the bags. Once in the terminal we were only sat for 10 minutes though before checked in and onboard, boarded around 3:15 in the end.
  4. Hi Barrie No worries. If your getting dropped of then should be fine. CPS had us queuing in the sun for 30 minutes before collecting the car. They did not seem to have enough staff, also needed to wait for porters as they were a bit few and far between. Once inside they did not even look at the ticket and just gave us the next boarding card letter for boarding which we only waited about 10 minutes.
  5. Hi Barrie Yes afraid it still has those silly little telly's. We really enjoyed the cruise on Azura and luckily we went no where near the bay of biscay so no sea sickness this time :D
  6. Sea Screen still has loads of black cells and some parts are more yellow than others. Staying that it's still a good experience of an evening at sea watching a film.
  7. Hi all Just waiting to disembark and thought the info may be of some use to others. Jacuzzi’s most don’t work as the button to start the bubbling process is busted. There are 2 that do work at the Oasis adult only pool. Watch out when buying photos especially when staying in Europe. Vat is not included in the prices displayed. Also before purchasing check with staff the photo you want is part of the deal listed. Had lots of agro here getting charged higher amounts thank the offer shown in the horizon magazine. If your on C deck in the 520’s range you may have to chase you cabin steward Rose. Would say they have been great on other cruises but we found stuff all splattered over the mirror, which was never cleaned for the whole cruise. Also hit and miss if she tops up the biscuits daily. If you have it’s on the floor, don’t expect it to get hovered up at all. The entertainment manager is a very jolly chap and we had 1 of the best sail away party’s of any P&O cruise so far. Hope this helps people out.
  8. We take a bottle of wine for the wife and a small bottle of Vodka with some pepsi max just so we can have a little drink whilst getting ready of an evening. We still buy drinks at the bars, restaurants and pool side as they are so reasonable in price. Still like the option to take our bit on board though
  9. Last time our checkin was 15:30 for Oriana. We arrived at 14:30 incase we had agro on the way. The room was at busting point and we still waited until 15:30 to get on board.
  10. Ooh that's handy to know as we are on the same cruise. I thought we were going to a port where we would be able to wonder in to town.
  11. Hi All Just a quick question regarding afternoon tea with Scones. Is this free or a paid for item in certain restaurants? Where does 1 go for it and what sort of times. Can't believe this is my 3rd cruise and not looked in to this before. Off on Azura on Saturday so thought I best ask before I go
  12. Hi All Just a quick question. Does anyone know if Azura tv's have an HDMI connection available for use. Thanks
  13. It's a bit hit and miss. We have done 2 cruises on P&O Our 1st on Britannia to the Fjords all we required at every port was our room card/key. On our 2nd to Spain and France we were required at every port to take our passports. I guess with terrorism threats these days, passports are more of a must
  14. So on embarking on the ship from Southampton were should you place your bottles? In theory as there are 2 of us with 3 check in bags and 2 carry on bags you could take 5 bottles (not that's what we would do) Does anyone know how they are monitors this.
  15. Hi All So we have our excursion list for Amsterdam but P&O appear not to have an excursion to Muiden Castle. Has anyone used an alternative company when in port at Amsterdam they can recommend for a visit. Thanks
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