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  1. Nice having a visual to see how small they are. Would you please share what you use for your smaller, thinner battery?
  2. Thank you @SteveH2508 this is great. I really appreciate everyone for sharing your knowledge and actual spreadsheets. 🙏❤️
  3. Thank you @POA1for the very thorough and intelligent tutorial. I really appreciate it. They were correct, you were the perfect choice. 🙏
  4. This information is travel gold. Thank you again @The-Inside-CabinI really appreciate this.
  5. Wow great tip @The-Inside-Cabin I can see how this would be very helpful. I’m definitely adding this to my list of tips and electronic items to bring. Thank you 🙏
  6. Thank you, this is an important fact to know and I can use this on any cruise. 😊
  7. Thank you @Gail & Marty sailing away I think we’re learning more and deciding it would be best to just use what’s available on the ship. Seems like more of a hassle than is necessary. Especially while on vacation 😋
  8. Thank you for your suggestion and I appreciate your input. ☺️ I couldn’t agree more. ❤️
  9. Thank you, I appreciate your information. It makes total sense. I’m leaning away from the expense of a wireless router. Thanks again ☺️
  10. Sounds like it pays to be an early riser @Caribbean Chris I will remember this when I’m trying to send pics back home 😉
  11. Very good to know. That would mean they don’t have a 😯 Bluetooth option on the TVs 😔 that’s a bummer. Thank you @IPB4IGO I really appreciate your information.
  12. Yes, you make a great point. We were looking to have both of us online simultaneously but that might not work as we envision. Thank you 🙏
  13. Excellent tips. Love the idea of a universal remote 😊. Thank you.
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