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  1. Hello People ! This may Not be the Forum to Ask this Question but it IS something I'm wondering about.... One of the Possible Ways to Allow Us to Return to Cruising is for the Ships to operate at Reduced Capacity to avoid crowds. OK but If a Cruise is Sold Out Who will be Denied Boarding? Would it be those who Booked Last? Those who Booked Inside Cabins (Less Profit) and not the high priced Cabin Guests? Based on those with the fewest Loyalty Points? I guess only Time will Tell !
  2. I support all the Ideas to do checks of Guests returning to a Ship after a day ashore BUT what I have not seen is anything about What Happens IF a Guest Fails a Check on returning to the Ship? Would He or She be denied coming back aboard ? Would that Guest be left behind when the Ship Sails? Would that Guest be responsible for returning Home at Their Expense? Some places where ships stop Do Not have Medical Facilities or transportation options. If Hospitalization was required Who Pays? (Would Covid be covered by Travel Insurance?) If that Guest has Needed Perscri
  3. Islandwoman I really Hope you can get to go on your B2B2B2B cruises! Back in April I booked a Celebrity Cruise out of Melbourne Australia leaving Feb. 20,2021. I may have been a little optimistic but I had a Credit with Air New Zealand from a cancelled flight that I had to use. As of now Australia is requiring a 14 day quarantine for tourist arriving from the USA (Can't blame them!) so if that requirement is not lifted by Feb. 1st. I will self cancel the cruise and take the FCC. Spending 2 weeks locked in a Melbourne Hotel does Not seem like a good start to a Cruise !
  4. Yes island woman I to have found ways to fill the year stuck Ashore! doing things around the house that I have been putting off and reading more. i have 5 cruises planned for 2021 with Celebrity and RCCL that they will let me cancel anytime up until 48 hours before the ship sails. I want to support the Cruise Industry so they will still be in business when I want and Can sail with them😉
  5. One Point that I need to make about We Senior Cruisers is not shared by the Youngsters.... While I think about my 5 Cruises that have been Canceled this year (All by the Cruise Lines) I am also trying to be Safe in my daily life as I do not want to become another victim of the Covid 19 virus. BUT at the same time I am Losing a YEAR of my life. If I were 25 that may be a Small percentage of the Time I have left on this Earth BUT as someone getting close to 80 that could be 10%, 20% or..?...% of the time I have left. So I Hope things like a Vaccine or anything else that will le
  6. I have a cruise starting Feb. 20,2021 from Melbourne Aus. I would hope getting the Vax. shots would allow me to take that Cruise? As of Now Aus. requires Tourists arriving from the USA to Quar. for 14 Days! I have to Renew my Aus. Gov. Electronic Travel Authority permit to enter Aus. and am waiting a while to see what's going on. I fear I may have to Cancel my cruise because I'm not going to spend the time or money to Quar. for 14 days on arrival?
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