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  1. With the exorbitant pricing of NCL excursions, it's not that big a deal, I don't believe.
  2. Yes, on a cruise departing Tahiti. About $500 each with NCL, San Antonio to Papeete and Honolulu to San Antonio. Easily saving $1,000 versus booking directly.
  3. I'm an accountant and I couldn't follow it through two cancellations and one rebook. I got more than I paid, so I'll leave it at that. Presto Change-o.
  4. We are on November 2022 Spirit sailing of this itinerary. That sailing has all suites sold out, it is a smaller ship. We had April 2020 and April 2021 sailing of this on Jewel cancelled. Prices have definitely increased significantly with two days and one stop removed.
  5. Sounds like the hotel manager is trying to encourage future reservations.
  6. When you sell stock, that means someone else bought it. It doesn't directly affect the company, but it must be disclosed. The stock awards were probably made at a much discounted price, as is typically the case and they have an opportunity to make significant profit, which is how the program is intended to work. I wish I had bought at $14 or $15 and sold at $29 or now the $33 range.
  7. Our second attempt at a Tahiti itinerary was cancelled, but since that was paid for with FCC from the first cancellation, no refund. I argued, wrote letters and was still refused. I rebooked same itinerary for 2022, but it is now on Spirit, not Jewel and two fewer days. I told them OK fine you'll get my money this time, but you'll never get it again.
  8. I wish now I had bought in at $12 or $13.
  9. You're in a 20 plus knot wind whenever the ship is underway.
  10. For water, get a thermal bottle, ice and tap water. The tap water is highly filtered and as good as a plastic bottle.
  11. When we booked for last year, which was cancelled, the connecting flights were all to be named airlines, Delta and American and LAX to Tahiti was Air Tahiti on 787 aircraft. You could upgrade to business class and first class if available and you wished to do so. I rebooked for 2022 and took the air again with NCL.
  12. Yeah, but. The first cancellation, last April, you are thinking this is a 90 day or 120 day thing because that was the consensus at that point, let's just try it again. Now, the second cancellation almost a year later with substantial protocol and potential itinerary changes looming is a bit of a different animal.
  13. Same story. I'm an accountant with a long career in hospitality, so I wanted to figure it out. I couldn't. I asked two different times for an accounting of my original payment, cancellation bonuses, FCC and how it related to the new cruise. Never got anything and ultimately gave up and It's close, so I'll take what we get.
  14. They will not refund FCC. I have written letters to every C-Level executive and was refused, and that after two cancellations. I was told to call reservations if I had any questions. I told them in the letter that if forced, we would book a cruise and they would get my money once, but they will not get a dime after that. Since they have had my cash for 18 months now and long ago refunded it to someone else, I hope they are still in business so I can get my cruise.
  15. Anecdotal. I have booked the same cruise three times now in three different years. Magically, the second booking is within a few hundred dollars of the first cruise plus 25% FCC for the cancellation. Magically, the third booking year is within a few hundred dollars of the second cruise plus FCC for the two cancellations. Plus in year three, two days are cut off the itinerary and its a smaller ship.
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