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  1. I was thrilled that I had waterproof hiking boots and my winter boots. But my definition of winter boots and yours are probably different. I live in Houston. Alaska felt like the dead of winter to me at 50 degrees and rainy! That's exactly what a Houston winter day feels like. I wore my cute, zip up leather boots with leggings to dinner several times.
  2. We did the Ruby Princess in June 2017. It was my parents (in their 70's), my daughter, son, and daughter in law (all 20 somethings), and me, 50's. We found that so many of the passengers were multigenerational families with grandparents, parents, and kids. The families ranged from all ages, but we didn't see many little kids. There were tons of elementary schoolers, teens, and young adults on up to 70's and 80's. I found the food just fine. We all had some onboard credit and we ate in the steakhouse one night. Make your reservation right away after boarding for one of the se
  3. We went with Jayleen 2 summers ago and had a great trip! We saw whales, sea lions, eagles, etc. She totally knows what she's doing and we loved the experience with a small boat and very small tour where we could really ask questions and talk with them. We loved it and I would totally go with her again! She grew up on an island just off Juneau and her dad bought her a skiff when she was 12 so that he wouldn't have to take her to town anymore. She's been driving a boat for way more than half her life!
  4. A Columbia fleece with a raincoat is exactly what I took. I am quite cold most of the time and it was perfect because you could take off and put on or zip and unzip as needed.
  5. With a windy, cold drizzle much of the time we were there, I definitely needed a warm jacket. Of course, warm is relative to where you come from. I live in Houston, and Alaska felt pretty much like a Houston winter day. Most of the time we were there the temp was around 55 degrees. I wore a couple of shirt layers, plus a fleece like a North Face or Columbia jacket with a rain jacket over it. I wore long underwear several times as well. The things I didn't need...I brought way too many dressy clothes. I brought quite a few cute sweaters, pants, and boots. Other than the one
  6. We did Mendenhall Glacier on our own when we went a couple of years ago. We used a taxi. It was cheaper than the shuttle bus for us because there were 4 of us. I think even for 2 the taxi might be a little bit cheaper. We got a card from the one that dropped us off and then just called them for pickup about 30 minutes before we were ready to leave. I think we went to Mendenhall around 5 or 6 pm, maybe even later. We didn't go to the visitor center. We did the mile or so walk to Nugget Falls. We really enjoyed walking around and taking pictures. It was super easy to do on your own. No
  7. My parents, my 3 adult children, and myself flew with Randy Sullivan on his plane that crashed 2 years ago next month. We had a wonderful trip and found him to be very passionate about his flying and sharing Alaska with us. He was constantly talking with other pilots in the Misty Fjords area when we toured with him. He talked about safety a lot with us when we were starting out trip with him as well. He was extremely experienced and knew the area very well. He grew up there and was very passionate about the seaplane tours. He worked knew Michelle well as they shared a dock. They referre
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