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  1. Nobody defends the smokers, but the heavy perfume wearing ones are still OK, right?
  2. I did not get any pictures of the menus, but they were standard Royal menus, (but no escargot). The bread selection was good, but did not change each night like it used to. (They did have "savory bites" every night!)
  3. The Solarium has Pizza and maybe some other food that lasts until very late (5AM??). It may be there most of the day as well.... not sure
  4. I may resemble that remark....:o And I was on that cruise:eek:
  5. In the spitit of National Lampoon... Cruise on Royal, or we'll kill this dog Convinced yet?:eek:
  6. Hey, I think I saw you on that ship:D... Yep! GREAT Cruise.
  7. I've heard there is frequent substitution of the scallops. But if available the escargot is offered. scallops are not bad, (except they remind me that I wanted the Escargot :rolleyes::D)
  8. We'd appreciate the update! We are on her the 19th, so tell them to get some for us!:D Have a great cruise!
  9. To any recent Jewel cruisers... did they have Escargot?
  10. I often order multiples, I order the lamb, or prime rib and ask for a side of the pasta... I rarely get a side. I'll order a couple appetizers as well at times. This may or may not make the meal longer... so be it. We have been blessed with some great table mates that were chosen at random by Royal Caribbean, a bit more time with them is a GOOD thing. At times when you're among the last in the dining room the wait staff is more personable and often quite entertaining. If you want to see how fast you can eat, try the windjammer
  11. WHO'S on 1st! ;) I don't know.............. Third Base!:rolleyes:
  12. Honest... I've tried the search engine and everything:eek::rolleyes: Could someone post the link, so I can subscribe?
  13. The doors are not magnetic, but they are steel and a decent fridge magnet will stick to them quite well. It will have more to do with the magnet you use rather than the door. That said there's a couple other options... We always have a pad of post-it notes... stick almost anywhere great for notes on a door or on one of your mirrors for your steward. Or... if you put the note on plain paper, you can slip it behind the room number sign that is next to your door.
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