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  1. Well, we pulled the trigger and canceled our Med cruise, especially with the new COVID19 case in the U.S. who had just come back from Italy. 😔 NCL has relaxed its cancellation policies so we were able to cancel before 90 days out for a full refund. 3/7 would have been 90 days out for us, so we cut it pretty close! I wouldn't have canceled if I was booked on a Caribbean cruise, but since this cruise leaves out of Civitavecchia and stops at several other ports in Italy and we were going to be traveling with my elderly parents who already have health issues, we decided this was the best move for us.
  2. We are strongly considering cancelling (or rescheduling until next summer) our June Med cruise for the same reasons. Since we are leaving out of Rome and with several stops in Italy, it is a big concern. My husband and I have already been told by our respective employers that we will have to self quarantine for 14 days following our return. That's fine for me--I am able to work from home. With the type of work my husband does, he cannot work from home and we don't want to risk 2-3 weeks of unpaid leave while he waits out the self-quarantine at home. So, we may cancel due to "Work Reasons."
  3. My cruise is not until summer, but we leave out of Civitavecchia (Rome) and make several stops in Italy, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro. For the time being we are holding tight, but we are glad that we bought insurance just in case.
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