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  1. How was your trip? Still watching for your report. We are taking the same trip in 3 weeks.
  2. kwerb12


    Is anyone on a European Avalon River Cruise now or just returned? The heat being in the 90s now sounds distressing. Is it only hot mid-day? Are the included tours in the AM? Our first time river cruising and first time to Europe - going in 3 weeks. Will we be trapped on the boat or is it nice part of the day? I hope we will be able to keep our 7 ft window open part of the time! Thanks!
  3. Sounds wonderful. Chocolate coated apricot filled balls sounds irresistible. Looking forward to a quiet sailing - on ocean cruises the vibration and noise make my inner ears unhappy.
  4. Thank you for the great information. I need protein first thing in the morning rather than yummy sweets but hopefully I can try and sleep later (I am often up a 5AM). As I am very picky about the taste of my water I may still bring my Brita pitcher - it depends on if I run out of room in my suitcase! It is good to hear that it is quiet even as far back on the ship as you were. We are up a level and farther front that you are. We have our adapters and a converter so we are covered. Getting excited! First trip to Europe!
  5. Did I miss your review of your trip? We are taking the same trip (our first Europe trip or river cruise) in August and would love to hear about it.
  6. Thank you for responding. Looking forward to our trip!
  7. Great suggestion. I checked - since the pitcher is flattened it is almost the same size as 2 travel filter bottles. I will keep that in mind if we are thinking of taking one of our water bottles for tours and replace it with a filtered one for dubious water on the go. Thanks! Kathy
  8. The pitcher is squished shape - not very deep so it would fit fine. Thanks!
  9. WOW You are a fount of information! The photos are GREAT. Interesting the water packaging in your photos does not match the San Bendetto website offerings. The break down of the contents is also helpful. As each ship is a bit different I will plan on having USB on my adapter in case our ship does not have them conveniently next to the bed. The photo looks like you are docked and the wall at the port blocks your view. We are on the top deck so we should be able to see the city (or inside a cabin of the ship next door :) Being in the middle of the ship do you feel much vibration from the engines? Humm - 7AM for a full breakfast - maybe if I bring a stash of almonds to tide us over - who knows what the time change will do to us too! Thank you!
  10. Yep - totally paranoid. I get migraines from magnesium so drinking water with even "natural" water can be a big deal. We live on a well and the water definitely has a taste so we use an R/O system for drinking water. We have brought the Brita pitcher on cruises but it does take up a lot of packing room. We normally must use a glass to fill it. If it fits in the minibar fine but we generally drink room temperature water. We always have them empty the minibar when we arrive as since water is all we drink - so ref room is generally not a problem.
  11. Thank you for responding! It is good to know there is a potential of 3 plugs that need adapters! It is also very helpful to know what brand the water is. The San Bernedetto website says their water is all "mineral water" as that is the way it comes from the ground. They also have some varieties that they add more minerals. Does the bottle say "fuente Primavera" or Font Natura or "fuencisla"? I would like to see if I can buy some ahead of time to see how it tastes. Maybe my Brita would be safest - What river are you on? Are you having a great time? What cabin? We will be in 305 on the Passion. Have you been up early enough to see what they have for "Early Riser" breakfast? Is there any protein? Great to hear from you. I hope you are having an enjoyable and relaxing trip.
  12. Hi, There seems to be some confusion about the power on the ship. It is all 230v but their help number stated the plug in the bathroom was US. Can anyone confirm this? Why would they make it US with the wrong voltage? I do not want to burn anything out with 230v. Also - it says bottled water is supplied. Can anyone advise if this is mineral water or plain? I hate the Dasani bottled water on United and do not want to get stuck with mineral water. How good is the tap water on the ship? I found Princess Emerald water Excellent but Celebrity Equinox not drinkable. Should I bring my Brita pitcher? Also - what food is served for "Early Riser" breakfast - just muffins? Any protein? Milk maybe? We are taking the Passion from Prague to Budapest in August.
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