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  1. We have the Haven Family Villa booked on the Breakaway coming up Dec 14. This is for my hubby, my adult daughter and I. This only happened after two previous cancellations and rebookings. We started with our own separate cabins (balcony and solo) - cancelled - voucher w/ extra credit. Combined vouchers and rebooked to Haven Aft Penthouse (Large suite in back of ship) to sail in a single cabin (in case of quarantine - nice to have larger space). That was cancelled. We took voucher with extra credit and rebooked the 2 bedroom family villa right in the Haven. Much better for the 3 of us. Walking from the back of the ship to the Haven was not what I wanted to do multiple times /day, Small extra charge for this rebooking but nice upgrade. And finally it looks like we won't have to rebook again. So, the price of a balcony and a solo cabin - can pay for a Haven 2 Bedroom Family Villa (if you are lucky). At the prices now, I would not pay for it out right.
  2. Looking forward to our first NCL cruise on the Breakaway in the Haven in Dec. The private space on a ship so large is very appealing. I loved the previous thread of the Haven food and look forward to someone posting the new updated menu
  3. We are also on the Breakaway in Dec..12/12. This is our 2nd reschedule and looks like a go this time. Used our bonus credits to bump to The Haven...which will be a first for us. We are so looking forward to New Orleans and the cruise
  4. Personally, I have never been a fan of the big buffet. Not because of the food but because if the people. It always seems like Black Friday at a department store...chaos and people fighting to get in the right position..table..etc. I will go for a late night snack but that is it.
  5. I can understand wearing a mask in the crowded areas of the ship...like the theater and other places indoors....just like it is recommended now. However..indoor dining is allowed without a mask once you sit down until you get up from the table as long as you are socially distanced. Outdoors...if socially distanced and stationary like on a lounge chair...the CDC does not recommend masks at hotels. A cruise ship is nothing but a floating hotel...same guidelines should apply.
  6. I am all for precautions and some of the requirements are expected. But what the CDC has just come out with is treating the cruise lines as public transportation, not as it really is - a floating hotel. The extreme extent of these guidelines take things back to extreme risk "lock down" type guidelines you would see at home. I do not go on a cruise for "Grab and go" meals to eat in my room. I want a nice dining experience. I want to be able to sunbathe outside on a lounge chair (properly social distanced) without my mask. Hawaii has ridged criteria for their islands and still you can enjoy yourself. If you are on a ship that is fully vaccinated, or 95% vaccinated, this seems highly overkill. My family has rescheduled a cruise several times and are now scheduled for December. We are in the Haven. Probably will spend most of the time in the Haven but I don't intend to eat in my room. I am not a socializer so distancing does not bother me. I don't mind staying away from crowds and plan to go on organized ship shore excursions (though none of our ports are Level I). I will wear a mask as per protocol on shore excursion. Let's have realistic guidelines.
  7. They have done studies in those who have had Covid 19. The antibodies that you get after having the infection can dissipate after as little as 3 months. You can get re infected despite having it once. So the idea of having had the disease, is not a "green light".
  8. Mine too. The name, the lot numbers and the dates and time rcvd. The administering body (mine was through a hospital system) keeps records.
  9. Already got my 1st vaccine, waiting until time for 2nd. I wouldn't cruise without it. Hubby same way. Now it is a waiting game before our adult daughter (29) can get hers. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine (single shot, made similar to the flu vaccine, vs MRNA) would likely be the best option for her. I want to cruise this December. This is the 3rd time scheduled and I don't want to reschedule again.
  10. Glad I rebooked my December cruise for Dec 2021 earlier this year. Got a much better deal than the 10% off they are offering and was able to upgrade cabin.
  11. We had rescheduled our original April 2020 cruise for Dec 2020. That isn't something we are comfortable with right now. So we have pushed it out to Dec 2021 (and got a much better cabin). I think by then things should be better
  12. I completely agree. Have yiu seen their daily infection numbers . I had some family members go down for a Disney vacation...unfortunately they all came back with Covid infections
  13. Personally, I rebooked our Dec 2020 cruise until Dec 2021. Partially because I need surgery on my knee and partially I want to wait until vaccines are completely out there and safely in place. However I am a little concerned that non medical experts appear to be dictating when cruising may resume..however that is still pending.
  14. Thanks and best wishes to you and your soon to be family. That in itself will be an adventure. Our adult daughter travels frequently with us since she is still single and has been looking forward to this cruise. Just a little delayed.
  15. Thanks. I guess things work out for the best. Snorkeling and walking will be much easier
  16. Thanks. Definitely have goals for post surgery therapy now.
  17. Was going to cruise the Caribbean in April 2020. That didn't happen. We rescheduled for Dec 2020 and was able to upgrade. My first river cruise in Europe in August didn't happen. Hopefully..next August with a nicer.cabin. Now I must have a knee replacement in December. So...again reschedule the caribbean cruise with NCL to next year. Luckily..everything can be reticketed. No more money out of pocket..even airline ticket. Bonus that we were able to score a 2 bedroom Haven cabin this time. I guess that will worth the wait. For now..will get excited for the only trip we can do.... A road trip.down the coast. At least it is away from home.
  18. Well, my Dec cruise was paid with the FCC we got from our non existent April cruise. So, I guess I will wait until they cancel the December cruise and then go from there.
  19. So, if I rebook our December cruise for next year - we would get a 25% bonus? I am trying to decide whether to wait for NCL to cancel the cruise on us again or just reschedule.
  20. Not to be late to the party but I do have a question. We had booked in April 2020 - it was cancelled of course. We rebooked using the FCC given for December 2020. Now it looks grim for that to happen. Will they offer the same? (100% + 25%) Does anyone have any experience with that? This is not CruiseNext.
  21. I think that may be the case if I cancel but not if they extend the suspension. I already know a couple who was in my position and their rebooked cruise was suspended. They got 125% fcc on that on also for the inconvenience
  22. We took the 125% FCC on our canceled cruise from April 2020 and rebooked for Dec 12. It may be now we will have to reschedule again for the following Dec. Should get 125% of our current booking so we can get a possible 2nd upgrade (went from spa balcony to Haven aft penthouse with last change). Since money is already tied up....it is fine....
  23. The article reads that all US cruises are included in that cancellation. There may be some cruises going out of other countries but a large portion of their business sails from US ports
  24. This makes me feel much better now. I just checked again now it is there. This morning..it was grayed out. Glad it was just a system glitch.
  25. I am hoping that is the case. A couple weeks ago..both Nov and Dec were there but now they are grayed out
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