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  1. Thank you for the information
  2. Shocker

    Uber or Cab

    Anyone know the cost to take an Uber or an Cab from the port to the Fort and which fort would be the best to see.
  3. Thanks for your response but we have an older man with us (actually older than me) who may have problems walking up the hill but will be ok on the down.
  4. Are Uber drivers available from the pier to either of the forts in Old San Juan. If so does anyone know what the cost is? Is there a special uber pick up locations?
  5. We don't want to go on any tours, just walk around by the port in Ocho Rios. Does anyone have suggestions or know what is within walking distance of the port at Ocho Rios. Thank you for the help.
  6. I need a place to stay in Fort Lauderdale on February 15th for one night. I have been checking the hotels and for a room in a decent hotel I only find $200 and up. Maybe they don't understand I do not want to buy the room just rent it for one night!!!! If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate the help. i am looking for a room for 3 adults for less than 150.00 if possible. Thank you Dave
  7. We are looking for a Hotel that is not too far from the Miami Airport and Port of Miami. I would like it to have a pool and be within walking distance of a place where one can buy wine and beer and some eating places. There are 2 couples of us and we plan to get 2 rooms for one night in October before going on the cruise. I would like a decent hotel for under 150.00 if that is possible. Thank you to all who respond with suggestions. Shocker
  8. I have tried both emails with no response. This must be a terrible port as I have been on 21 cruises and never had a port where there was not a good private tour suggested on this board... Dave
  9. We are docking at Colon from 9A-6P on the MSC Divina. We are looking for a recommended private tour van size vehicle or smaller. We would like to see the canal (not on a boat) and other interesting things in the area. A tour for about 6 hours or less would be great. If you had a great tour please let me know who to contact. Thank you Dave
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