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  1. It's been a few years since I have had Cucina (only on the Breeze in 2015) but I loved it! We went there 2 or 3 times when we didn't like the MDR menu or didn't want to wait. The Carbonara was amazing as was the tiramisu although it looks like someone else said that's gone, sad! I think it's worth the $15 shot. :D
  2. I second Seaday brunch...I'll agree that the service can be lacking during this compared to dinner but the Huevos Rancheros and Steak & Eggs are great, but I DREAM about Hey Pork Chop! and can't wait to get back to have it again. I'm really sad our cruise coming up only has one Seaday! Also, if your ship has Alchemy Bar and you like custom cocktails, it's a must. We frequent it every night. Room Service breakfast is something we wish we had done from the beginning. We don't order much, just some pastries and coffee but we don't play well with others until after coffee so it's nice not to have to tread upstairs for it. :loudcry::') If you see Pizza Pirate Plus on the FunTimes, it's only for a short time (I think like 11:30p-1a?) and the Lasagna is fantastic! Share it to soak up some of the alcohol for an easier morning ;-) And most important, have so much fun!
  3. Yes, definitely worth it! We go once a cruise, looking at the menus and picking the MDR night that sounds the least desirable to us. I don't know that I would go more than once one a cruise but to each their own. On the Breeze, we ate at the Cucina twice because it was sooo delicious, affordable, and faster than the MDR actually. So I'm sure that varies by ship.
  4. We actually pre-order one case even with Cheers. We drink A LOT of water, especially with Cheers, and don't want to have to remember to grab extras to bring back to the room for night/early AM.
  5. Not alone! We are 20 days out and we keep asking each other if it's too early to pack! The last week, esp the last two days, are pointless... can't concentrate. Have fun!!
  6. Do you know if you have to be paid in full for the check-in time options to appear?
  7. Yes, I wasn't saying that Saint Greg wasn't clear. I was just giving an option for Android users as well that doesn't involve Social Media (like FB and Snapchat) because not everyone has those or trusts those. WhatsApp is just a texting app. It is definitely not the only option but it was my opinion.
  8. The above will work if everyone you are texting has an iPhone. If anyone with an android is involved, you will both need to download WhatsApp, the texting app. Carnival's website says the Social Media plan (the cheapest) works with this as well as iMessage.
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