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    Downside to taking Taxi to Majahual?

    I was there the after the big hurricane. It was a sort of detour since the main pier in Cozumel was destroyed. I didn't want to say in the tourist village... So we just looked for a way out... found taxi... took the cleanest one.. and made sure the drive understood enough English. The area wasn't so developed when I was there. They didn't even have reliable trash pic up. It was far more raw and rustic. It was just a peaceful little fishing village that was all mine for the whole morning. It was a rainy morning and all those tin roofs just sang. There was only one road in...Our taxi dropped us off at the end of a desolate road and pointed to a path through the jungle. I wish I had time to tell the story, and anyone interested time to read it. Eat everywhere ..It will be the best you ever had. But be sure to stop at El Delfin .. When I was there in 2006, there were NO BANKS, and NO ATM's cash only. Things may have changed,, but it is always best to assume nothing. I see in google earth how much it has changed. If the people own their own businesses.. and not ruled by the cruise line... I am happy for the people. But you should have seen it when I was there. I wish I was going.