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  1. What a great story and terrific thread! Way to go Paul! :)
  2. There are AI's all over the Caribbean and Mexico offering tremendous value for the vacation dollar. Just remember land based vacations are different than cruises. I've done a lot of both and, for us, the AI's are a far better deal than cruises, no comparison actually as alcohol is included, amongst many other items. We like doing both but have much, much more experience on land, only 5 cruises to date.
  3. If every cruise line was designated no smoking? Say good-bye to about half the fleet. :D No smoker will knowingly step foot on a non smoking ship. There are too many other vacation choices besides cruising and the cruise lines know this. Their competition isn't just other lines/ships.
  4. Tobacco smoke can be a very powerful irritant to those with certain health issues and/or certain allergies but, tobacco smoke an allergen on it's own? No way, not buying it..... I'm surprised a certified addictions counselor would recommend smokers hop on a non-smoking cruise ship as a way to kick the habit - I couldn't think of a worse method of treatment to inflict on a smoker. Mind you, if one was to fill a non-smoking cruise ship with smokers, the ensuing entertainment would be extraordinary...at least until the mutiny. :D
  5. I think the mass market lines are taking a more reasonable approach to the subject but perhaps they will give your suggestion some thought - just write a letter and send it to them. I'm sure it will be taken seriously. :D
  6. I'm impressed, allergies to smoke have only been mentioned once or so, so far :D. It is the numbers the cruise lines look at, not polls on Cruise Critic. The numbers say 20.5% or so of the population still smokes and this number has stalled since 2004. Due to this, the mass market lines will never ban smoking entirely - just won't happen. No smoker will ever knowingly get on a non smoking ship. The reason the numbers are important is smokers travel with non smokers, meaning a potential of 40% or more of the mass market cruise lines target market is gone. If I'm a shareholder of a mass market cruise line who banned smoking entirely, I'd be furious. The mass market lines are competing with AI's in the Caribbean, Mexico etc., where access to smoking is much more prevalent than on cruise ships. Those who have been cruising for a long, long time know full well the great strides the lines have made in reducing access to smokers. They have been accomodating the wishes of non smokers and I believe they have reached a point where "fairness" prevails. Naturally this won't satisfy the more rabid proponents of either side of this topic, thats OK though. If those on the rabid yes side had set foot on a cruise ship 20 years ago - it would have been their first and last cruise :). The lines can't please everyone but I think they have done a pretty good job trying to satisfy the majority of cruisers, at least the rational cruisers. For the record I voted no.
  7. I'm with the OP on this. There comes a time when you have to let your wallet do the talking for you. The $4.54 charge was resolved in the end BUT, the trouble the OP had to go through is just not right. Enjoy your Carnival cruise!
  8. Unless this is going to be your last sailing - Independence, in a heat beat. :)
  9. Remember when you left your shoes outside your cabin door once you had turned in for the night? They would be shined and ready in the morning. Try that today with the number of young ones sailing :). RCI (and cruising in general) was quite expensive in those days compared with modern era. Different times today. If you want something like the "old" experience you have to go upscale. At least with the cruising of today there is a wide variety of what is available at all sorts of price points. This has allowed millions to cruise, many of whom might not have been able to afford cruising. In the end, all is well.....
  10. Damn! I got fooled again by a thread title! I thought the OP was going to describe what was on his or her plate one night in the dining room. :) Sorry for the hijack. We've never attended a Mystery Dinner on a ship but, we would be interested in what posters think of them and then think about attending one on our next cruise, if available. We've been to some on land, they can be fun but a couple of them were a waste of time IMHO.
  11. We were on Voyager in 2005, my first cruise since 1993, on Sovereign which was the largest ship I'd ever been on. Needless to say I was stunned at the size of Voyager.
  12. Damn!!! When I read the thread title I thought someone had figured out another great way to get illicit, contraband, call it what you will......booze onto the ship! Imagine my disappointment! :)
  13. For the OP, as others have mentioned, I doubt you will get hit with a surcharge but....the lines have covered things off - just in case. Eaten alive???? As a long time lurker you should know CC membership is made up of the jolliest bunch of (insert plural noun here) __________ this side of the Indian Ocean. :)
  14. This is very sad news, so very sorry to hear Paul has passed away.
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