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  1. I really doubt that Royal had much say on keeping the passengers from going ashore. They can quarantine onboard and at sea, but without local or federal mandate, my guess is that they would be accused of holding passengers against their will.
  2. They will be able to take care of you onboard. The specialties should have someone manning their podiums to work on reservations. Early dining at 6 really shouldn’t be that hard for them to manage your group.
  3. They may be a decent option, but I think it is worth exploring policies and pricing. There are some easy shopping comparison sites to do this.
  4. So should the cabins on Oasis be ready for early boarding on the 9th? 😁
  5. I have been successful in the past tipping skycaps to take my luggage curbside in advance of the time limit. Not a bad option if you really don’t want to deal with checked bags while waiting.
  6. I'd definitely shop for insurance rather than buy the one the cruise line offers.
  7. The Port of Rome (Civitavecchia) is quite a distance from Rome itself. Where you stay should probably depend on what you want to do in Rome and how you like to travel. If you don't mind walking and managing your bags, you can make it a very train oriented trip by taking the train from the Rome airport (also a bit of a distance from Rome) into the main station (Termini). The subway lines and bus lines also converge at the termini, so if you want to do lots of public transportation (including a train out to Civitavecchia) you might want to look for hotels near the Termini. Last ti
  8. I think it is 30 days. However, if you can't get it redeemed for some reason or another, I've had no problem having MyVegas refund the coins in the past.
  9. Just to note ... the three drinks are off of a limited menu during those hours. Generally you can get mixed drinks as well as they can use the specific brands of liquor listed plus available mixers. For example, in the past I've had no problem getting a long island iced tea, martini, or rum and coke but no-go on a Grey Goose martini or a Patron margarita.
  10. Comedy show is hardest to book. Others have respectable stand by lines. There is generally a place to make reservations on boarding day. Had to do that once for a last-minute booking and was able to secure everything.
  11. It was great having a Deck 8 cabin and running to CP for breakfast to bring back to the balcony. No stairs, just the set of doors off the elevator lobby on either end of CP.
  12. Thanks for sharing the insight and pics. I’ll be back on Oasis 2/9 and have been looking forward to checking out the new things. It will be my wife’s third cruise and third Oasis-class ship ... I may sit through Cats again for her. 🙂
  13. The OBC has been fairly easy to get applied ... we have an upcoming cruise where both people in two cabins have added it.
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