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  1. Thanks for the link. If it’s available we will probably give it a go along with the other lido alternative restaurants. Doubt we will try Verandah again. Really don’t like the steakhouse concept as I don’t like steakhouses. Much prefer fine A la carte cuisine as it used to be. Maybe I’m just old fashioned.
  2. We had lunch in outside in the Grills several years ago but couldn't have dinner out there sadly. It is the reconfiguration of the aft deck that I am interested in this time as we are in Britannia. Is the waiter service and menu available a lot if the weather is good or is it just an occasional thing? Do they do lunch and dinner? Also does anyone know what the menu is like or how much it is? We are on the the Mediterranean Highlights/ Voyage du vin for 14 nights so am exploring dining options, especially as my beloved Verandah has been ruined by the steakhouse concept. Tried that on QM2 last year: never again.
  3. Can anyone provide any details on the alfresco dining on QV? Is there a separate menu in the evenings or it is just a nice place to sit with lido buffet food? Cunard’s website is somewhat vague.
  4. Thank you again for all your replies. May I emphasise that I was asking out of curiosity having read an article about more millennials choosing Cunard and have no issue with the age demographic; the tastes and behaviour of fellow passengers is what makes the ambience of Cunard perfect for me. I have never felt too young or out of place on Cunard. When I said about attracting a younger demographic I maybe used the wrong words. I meant that in order to continue to attract passengers long into the future Cunard will need to continue to evolve; what the average 60 year old wants now is likely different to what the average 60 year old will want in 30 years time. Although I actually feel lots of 20 somethings would enjoy Cunard if they gave it a go, I don’t expect the average age of passengers to suddenly fall even though some suggest it is creeping down slightly. Finally I will explain my username. We normally go to the commodore club and enjoy the sail away from there when we board. On one occasion a few years ago the waiter said that “surely this is all a bit serious for someone your age” to which I asked myself “maybe I’m a bit too young for Cunard”. Of course I don’t think I am too young now, rather I feel many young people don’t really understand what they are missing.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I am asking out of curiosity as Cunard’s needs to attract a younger crowd to be sustainable longer term. I actually prefer an older demographic and lack of children but do get a bit confused when certain reviews allude to some cruises “feeling like care homes”; something I have never really felt in my 6 years of travelling with Cunard.
  6. Hello everyone. I am curious recently as to how the demographic varies on Cunard cruises having read an article about increasing numbers of millennials going on QM2. My husband and I are 25 and 29 so definitely at the younger end excluding children and families. From your experience what is the age mix on different itineraries. Does it vary depending on destination or length of cruise and do you feel the demographic is getting younger these days?
  7. I completely agree with everything you have said here. The whole concept just didn't seem to fit with the Cunard brand in my opinion however it does appear to be popular. I must just be behind the times or maybe it is just the difference in American and British tastes. I feel that Cunard ships need a traditional fine dining restaurant to rival the best on land; the Steakhouse is fine as an alternative dining venue but not THE ONLY fixed alternative dining venue. Maybe I am just old fashioned but at the age of 25 I like Cunard for exactly the reason that they are traditional... at least they were.
  8. Well I am very disappointed to read this. We tried the Steakhouse on our honeymoon after I originally started this thread and were not remotely impressed; it was so inferior compared to QE and QV. We filled out the survey they were carrying out but the Maitre'D explained how it appeared popular and would probably stay. I understand why from a business perspective they have retained it and it clearly caters to an American market. I just hope they do not remove the more traditional fine dining experience on QE and QV; it has always been so busy on all of our cruises of QE and QV, where as apparently it was very quiet on QM2. I think, above all else, my issue was the informality of the Steakhouse: the card menu with a mediocre wine list printed on the back! The sommeliers are basically redundant. I don't see why it needed to be so dumbed down. Besides all else, the food was just not as good in my opinion.
  9. Could anybody on board QM2 provide any further details on the new/ temporary menu in the Verandah on QM2. I am curious as to what the more ‘international’ menu offering looks like.
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