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  1. We are thinking that this might be a better option than paying separately for 5 day passes for Infinity Bay Resort. We'd enter the full 5 people into the reservation. I assume we would receive wristbands to show we are staying there. I am thinking about it being a nice way to clean off before returning to ship. Thanks for any help.
  2. I just looked this hotel up --- and all these things are closed. Just wanted people to know. Sorry
  3. I'm still seeing it at 4:50 on Sunday night. 24 hours of this!
  4. yes that is what showed up near the end. New cruise purchases weren't showing me two prices along the way, one for refundable and one for non refundable. just showed up after I put names in. So I backed out to get help. Thank you so much for your help!!!
  5. I can't tell what a 'refundable fare is'. This doesn't show up throughout all screens. But near the end, when I put my name in etc. It says that I can pay $159 - Refundable Deposit If you cancel prior to the final payment date, your full deposit will be refunded My question is about all the rest of the $$. Like what you would pay down bit by bit. Thank you
  6. So if I pay just $159 per cabin, (that's what it is for my cruise) any monies that I pay, will all come back to me directly - not FCC? Thank you.
  7. I am looking to book a cruise for April 2022. I know about the Cruise with Confidence promo. Will I be fully refunded any payments that I make, plus my full deposit. -- Or will part of it be refunded, but part of it remain as FCC? I just don't understand how this works and have tried to read boards but can't find it. Thank you for any help.
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