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  1. Uber/Lyft are subsidized rides. Once they drive everyone out of business the price will go up.
  2. From their website: https://www.supershuttle.com/locations/houston-iah-hou/ Note the yellow banner at top of their page.
  3. You have made a comparison between one-way transportation on Uber/Lyft and round-trip transportation for the shuttles. Additionally, they may be able to fit four people in a $90 ride but not with any luggage.
  4. That is illegal and the driver will be subject to arrest if caught in the act. He will not be driving under the Lyft umbrella at that point. It's now just a ride with some guy.
  5. Galveston Express does an island transfer for $10 per person from any hotel. You can reserve it through the website.
  6. You are misinformed. This is a present-day situation. Prior to this Spring, Uber and Lyft have not been paying the same tolls as everyone else. It is only just recently that the law has finally caught up with them. The Texas law has no bearing on port tolls. These drivers have been skirting the toll for years and the Port of Galveston was finally told to stop allowing them into the port without proper permitting and tolls.
  7. The code works from May through October.
  8. Galveston Express has a Discount code (SUMMER) that will get you 20% off Monday through Saturday.
  9. I don't know yet if they have begun charging these drivers but I do know GPD has informed them they must. That is correct, rideshares have not been paying tolls at all. The rides are already subsidized by investor dollars and on top of that they don't even pay the same tolls as everyone else.
  10. It's new actually. The Port is a government entity and charges access tolls to everyone but the rideshare companies. Today the taxi inspector was literally standing in the middle of the road stopping rideshare drivers who are not properly permitted and paying the proper tolls.
  11. The taxi drivers are fully permitted with background checks and drug tests as well as a full physical. By wild I meant without any oversight.
  12. It should be fine as long as you don't plan to take an Uber/Lyft to or from the actual cruise terminal. The Galveston Police Department has cracked down on the Port of Galveston for allowing rideshare companies to enter the port without paying the same tolls as everyone else. They are ticketing drivers and making arrests for repeat offenders. Uber/Lyft has run wild for the past two years in Texas but it's beginning to catch up to them.
  13. Galveston Express provides booster seats upon request but not carseats. This might be an option for you if your children are big enough to use them.
  14. You must be comparing a one-way fare to a round-trip fare. I can't imagine you would get a large van for a group of 12 for $200 each way. Can you verify?
  15. Galveston Express offers luggage storage in their office which is about three blocks from the port entrance. You can leave your luggage there and spend some time downtown at the shops and restaurants before taking a later shuttle to the airport.
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