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  1. We're planning a southbound alaska trip for Sept 2019. On previous cruises I took my time and the price would drop, then I would book. Is this something that still happens, or should I go ahead and book, see if the price drops and then try to negotiate based on the price drop? Thanks! Jim
  2. Just doing some research on seeing the Northern Lights in September 2019. I know it's a crap shoot, but it's on my wife's bucket list. So I've read some about likely seeing them in / around Fairbanks, including "Murphy Dome." Has anyone been there or can you tell me anything? Thanks, Jim
  3. I swear I read somewhere that there is a trip one can take to (possibly) see the Northern lights. It was supposedly a couple of days, and we'll be cruising in Sept. 2019. Am I crazy, or is that a thing? Thanks, Jim
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    2019 - Starting too late?

  5. Trying to plan a soutbound trip for Sept. 2019, but think I've run into a problem 1. I think I want to do Glacier Bay (90% of what I've read is if it's your first time you have to go to Glacier) 2. Really want to do the small boat at Tracy Arm. 3. Don't want to spend 2 days just cruising. The Glacier Bay itineraries that include Juneau - depart too early to do Tracy Arm Or, the ones that do give you enough time have 2 days at sea rather than just one. Are there better Glacier Itineraries/experiences than Glacier Bay that also include Tracy Arm? Should I forget Tracy Arm and do Glacier because it's a "must see?" What are my best options for what I've mentioned? Thanks! Jim
  6. Are there places to see and play with Sled Dogs without taking a ride / tour? My wife very badly wants to see and possibly play with sled dogs or puppies, but we don't want to do the hour and a half in a cart thing. Options? Thanks, Jim
  7. I was reading on a thread where a person commented that they purchased an inside cabin, then a few months later they saw a price drop and got that. Then a few months later they got an upgrade for $49 for an outside view cabin. Then two months before the cruise they upgraded to a balcony for $99. How do you find out about those options or possibility for upgrades? Thanks! Jim
  8. Hi, We're in the pre-planning stage of a one way (probably southbound) Alaska cruise for Sept. 2019. I've been reading tons of threads and I'm trying to figure out anything about pre-cruise in Alaska. Any and all thoughts appreciated. 1. What are "Land Tours?" What are the options? Are they cruise excursions / trips? Are they through separate companies or is that something is better done as a DIY? 2. What are some suggested things to do in Alaska Pre-Cruise? Is Denali worth it? We're not into long drives or bus trips. 3. How many days do people typically go before the ship leaves? I'm just trying get the planning going. So, any and all wisdom is gratefully appreciated. THANK YOU! Jim
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    Cabin Question

    How did you watch for price drops? (watch website, get emails, call everyday?) I haven't cruised in 10 years and forgot how everything works. Were the upgrades a deal you found, or just a choice you made? If a deal, how did you find it? Thanks! - Jim
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    2019 - Starting too late?

    Thanks for the info! 1. Did you do the helicopter through the cruise line? 2. I haven't gotten that far yet in planning, but (I'm scared to ask) - what roughly did you pay for the helicopter trip? (Don't hurt me) - Jim
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    2019 - Starting too late?

    (Can I edit the thread title to just make this my trip planning thread?) Thanks for all the info. Very helpful! So I have some more questions, if you would be willing to help. We're not looking for a budget trip, but also not looking for any type of "premium package." 1. When does the late summer (school's out / higher prices) end vs. when the cheaper / poorer weather begin? Is there a way to slip in between those two? 2. In part, I think we would rather go without a balcony and risk being on a crowded deck, and use that money for an excursion like a helicopter trip to a glacier. Are those prices anywhere near close enough to pick one or the other? 3. If starting in Alaska for a southbound trip, is it better to go with a cruise or independent tour company, or just plan it ourselves. I'm still researching frantically! Thanks for your help!
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    2019 - Starting too late?

    Numerous Caribbean Cruises under our belt. Member on here since 2005. We were in the middle of planning a trip to Austria Czech Rep, Germany, etc. for our 25th Anniversary next summer. All of a sudden we both thought, "poop on that! Let's finally do the Alaska cruise!" So, here I am and here is what I know and questions I have. I would love some insight. We're planning to do a one way (7 Day?) and we live in Portland, so going to Seattle or Vancouver is no big deal. 1. 10 years ago starting to plan an Alaskan cruise trip a year in advance was "late" and you might get whatever is "left." Is that still the case now? I'm I getting started too late to find a good cabin on a good cruise too late? 2. In watching tourism videos, it seems like only a few ships a day are allowed into Glacier Bay, or into one of the cool parts of it (to get up close). Holland and Princess are two I heard are. Is that right, and should that make affect my decision? 3. I've always had a balcony on cruises and it was absolutely worth is. Is that the same on an Alaskan cruise? Is it worth it? 4. Are there cheaper times to go, or are they all the same. We would have to go in mid September. 5. Is it cheaper, easier, fewer people, and thus better cabin choices going south rather than north. (Just imagining fewer people starting in Anchorage headed south.) I'm usually the detailed researcher and planner and this is impulsive for me! What am I missing? I'm about to start reading everything on here I can. Thanks! Jim (LeftatGator)
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    1st Time Alaska Bound