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  1. 6 days! Dec. 21 on the Magic, going to Grand Turk, La Romana, Curacao, and Aruba
  2. We’re cruising in November on the Equinox, (my husband and my second trip on her this year) with my kids and it’ll be their first cruise on this ship. I’ve talked to friends who have kids the same age as my son (7) so I’m good with kids club info. My 13yr old has never once had any interest in kids clubs or teen clubs but I really want to try to guide her towards wanting to go, just so that I can have a bit of a break while we’re vacationing. Does anyone have any insight on what sort of the activities they provide for teenagers?
  3. Regarding the marriage license - before I got a passport, I travelled with my ID and birth certificate. I also carried my marriage license. The first cruise I went on, I took it and they didn’t ask for it. My second cruise, I didn’t bring it because I hadn’t been asked for it the first time. Of course I got asked for it. As it wasn’t a requirement to have it on me at that point in time, I wasn’t denied boarding, but because of that one instance, I always brought it with me (until I got a passport). So I’d bring it because you’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
  4. My husband and I are sailing on the Magic in December and one of our port stops is Aruba. I looked through the ship excursions and none of them jumped out at me. What would you recommend doing while we're there? This is my first time to Aruba.
  5. Dang! We booked the April 20-27 cruise just to sail with Captain Kate. Sucks we’re going to miss her. And then we’ll be on the Edge in June, and we’ll miss her before she goes to the Edge, too.
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