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  1. I've moved my cruise to Jan. 2022. Going with the "anything worth having is worth waiting for" scenario. No plans for ocean voyages after this one.
  2. They may have to ditch lobster night and substitute a nice piece of fish to go with the shrimp. Many people don't care about lobster anyway. I kind of look forward to lobster night, but it wouldn't make or break my cruising enjoyment. There may have to be some other cost cutting in all aspects of cruising, but I would be ok with it if it was needed to stay afloat so to speak.
  3. I also like the Spirit class. The Pride looks to be rather nice, albeit I have not been on this particular ship.
  4. This is good to know. If I have to cancel our February cruise, I will know to talk to the resolutions department. One of the 2 other gals I am cruising with may not want FCC because her eyesight is worsening and most likely will not want to try again for a third time.
  5. We can all suppose and hope that cruising takes the path we wish it would take. A lot of people of all ages and risk factors will choose to cruise as soon as it opens up. I am in a quandary about cruising in the immediate future. I have seen where young athletic men die from it and a story of a 104 year old woman survived it, so who really knows. Many who survive it may have long term problems. I have a cruise with 2 friends at the end of this February, and plan to see what happens by the end of November. If Carnival hasn't cancelled by then, we will most likely cancel or move it to
  6. They don't have the French doors anymore?
  7. Hopefully they will.make announcements soon. We're waiting for that other shoe to drop.
  8. I saw where the Miracle was going to Hawaii, but it's leaving from San Diego.
  9. Being in Wyoming it is only saved by the low population density as few people wear masks in my area. I can't imagine seeing what you have. 😬
  10. I am totally with you on this. Was in a Wal-Mart today and perhaps 10 to 20% wore no mask! Another man came into a medical clinic in the same town and got belligerent about wearing a mask. He was very nasty to the elderly woman at the entrance and rudely claimed his doctor said he didn't have to wear one. He then proceeded to try to run people over in his electric chair to head inside. Poor lady was flabbergasted. This is what we must deal with in this country before we can all safely travel...need to think about others and not just ourselves.
  11. If there are only Carnival excursions available they hopefully be able to get more vendors on board to accommodate the passengers. I also hope they cut prices on them as well if everyone will have to buy them to be able to leave the ship.
  12. I really hope you are wrong when cruising starts up here. They can't possibly observe CDC guidelines if they do that in the foreseeable future. Definitely would make cruising a disaster in the making. It would be stupid too, because it may shut it down again if they "stuff" too soon.
  13. I believe we were at pier 27. I walked to Fisherman's Wharf from it.
  14. I go to explore the places we go to, not the "trinket" selling dockside. Just my thought.
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