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  1. Have they confirmed what happens to loyalty levels? The press release says there will be new benefits although I can't see the detail.
  2. It feels good that they have listened to customers. I was part of the research groups where they sent surveys on AI and I pretty much supported what they were thinking. So yes, it feels good that they are offering something that I want to buy.
  3. Looks like I was right in that they have offered 3 levels of all inclusive. Doesn't surprise me at all
  4. yes, I was being sarcastic. Are you implying that I have made a silly statement by simply reading all of the posts where people are wanting celebrity not to change for the benefit of survival? Or are you one of the people that don't want celebrity to change? Either way, I'm personally for the change and I hope that celebrity come out of this crisis as a viable cruise line.
  5. It's an obvious statement, I don't want praise. It's just as I read all of the many posts it appears that some people think that Celebrity are a charity run to please thier individual needs!
  6. All inclusive is whatever the cruise line deems to be profitable. I suppose it's like flying economy, premium or business on a full service airline. The level of all inclusiveness will depend on the class in which you choose to travel. Drinks might be included for everyone but you might pay a higher price if you want a premium package. Wifi might be included for everyone but do you want to check emails or stream movies? These changes are designed to increase profit so don't go expecting one level of AI in my opinion.
  7. from what I've heard there will be different levels of all inclusive. One of them will include OBC
  8. I do think that all inclusive is happening but I think it would be futile for us to guess what AI will actually include. Celebrity would have a huge amount of customer insight for them to understand the types of customers that they want to attract and they would also understand how much they are willing to pay. This might not sit well with many of their existing customers but it is quite clear that they have been chasing a younger and more affluent demographic for some time - just look at the edge series and all of the marketing targeted at the LGBT demographic. It actually makes even more sen
  9. Agreed. Makes no sense and not profitable for X. I would imagine that you would need to change an existing booking and pay any extra amount to enjoy the new benefits. They are a business intent on making a profit above everything else!
  10. I have also heard the rumour. I also mentioned in a forum that I received a survey a couple of months ago with various all inclusive options where I was asked to rate how likely I would pay for certain things etc included in the price - link below with more detail. People were calling me crazy at the time to think that the survey would lead to anything. But like I said, times have changed with covid and companies need to respond in the best way that they see fit for survival. By taking part in the survey it is clear that 'all inclusive' can mean many thing
  11. Yes, it is a shame that they didn't get to finish it properly. We had a suite on Edge last August and the Retreat deck and lounge were highlights for us.
  12. We are in a similar position, we are elite+ and have booked a RS on equinox next year. With all of the perks and benefits combined it can get confusing about where your next 'free' dink is coming from! Thats kind of why the idea of spa treatments and tours are of interest to me given they aren't really part of any elite or retreat class benefit. I totally agree on the prices of spa treatments being too high, if they dropped them I would definitely book a few! I guess that's where the onboard credit comes into play I guess!
  13. It's always tricky to work out the value of these bundles and it becomes even trickier when they include things that you just don't want. As the cruise companies seek to recoup lost revenue it'll be interesting to see if they dilute loyalty benefits across the board so that these bundles appear more attractive! I have elite status so I'm hoping that they don't!!!
  14. Totally agree on all of that. The industry is clearly going for a difficult time so I imagine that they are trying to understand where they can generate higher profits from within the business. I do work in marketing so I'm probably finding the survey more interesting than others!
  15. Yes, with the various price points that were presented I'm thinking they were trying to work out how hight they could go before I was turned off by the offer. At the end of the day, the packages are always built to benefit the company but as you say they could be looking to attract new customers who want the security and ease of everything included.
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