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  1. I'm able to do mock bookings for 2020
  2. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-beverage-package-2019.pdf This is the standard package.
  3. https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-plus-beverage-package-2020.pdf
  4. It’s the daily service charge that is covered for guests 1 and 2 only. If you choose beverage package or dining package you still are required to pay gratuities on those packages.
  5. When I click on more info on their website it does say it isn't cancelled yet. Funny though it doesn't even give me an option to book anything in September (not that I would). Updated June 16, 2020: Your safety is our #1 priority—both on and off our ships. Due to the current global environment, we are extending the suspension of 2020 cruises to include: All sailings through August 31st All sailings in September except Seattle-based Alaska cruises
  6. Servers are part of the DSC.
  7. Why would that be laughable? I tip well above and beyond the autograts but I would never say anybody that doesn't tip above what they've already paid are not a decent human being.
  8. It’s been a 90 day refund window since March. You’ve known this. You posted about it back then.
  9. I'm gonna guess that if they had to cancel only some of the people who have booked it would be whoever has spent the least amount of money.
  10. So if we do a bit of rounding and say about 1/6th of the revenue is profit. That’s about $215,000 a day for the Bliss. At that rate it would take approximately 13 years just to pay off the cost of the ship. These ships will have to be around for a long time.
  11. The Daily Service Charge doesn't have to be prepaid. They will charge your account daily if you don't. The bartenders don't receive any money from the daily service charge because not everyone will use their services. So when you add the free beverage package to your booking a gratuity that goes to the bartenders also gets added to your account.
  12. I think that once cruises actually get started up again there will be some rock bottom last minute rates. Unless the cruise lines don't want to/won't be allowed to sail full. With only about 50% of the people taking FCC over refund and having years to use them there's no way they will sail full off of just people using FCC.
  13. I don’t believe the sky has free drinks for everyone anymore unless you select it as a perk. The open bar as they call it on their website now is basically just the premium beverage package (formerly called Ultimate Beverage Package).
  14. So NCL creates a policy that is more beneficial for the consumer and they get criticized for it?
  15. I was able to book a cruise and get the 20% off discount without even using any FCC. Doing mock bookings I can still book more with the discount. I would book more for next year but prices seem way too high even with all the “discounts”.
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