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  1. Think of it this way if you bought a TV and it had a certain period that you could price match, and 6 months later you tried to price match saying that it was cheaper during the price match period but you didn't have time to come talk to someone about it, what do you think they would tell you?
  2. Thank you for the responses. I knew NCL didn’t want you going above the $1,000 mark because people were exploiting currency exchange in the past. Just wanted to confirm you could go above it from other sources now. I’ll be spending close to that 1,000 day one. Trying for vibe passes for 3 people and upgrading to unlimited internet.
  3. Yes that is how the system works up until final payment date (depending on country) it is possible to cancel the cruise and get 100% refund. So if the price goes down before final payment you can call and essentially “cancel and rebook” for the new price.
  4. No the agent was correct, OPs booking was way past the 48 hour mark.
  5. Norwegian's Best Price Guarantee If you see a better price on the same ship, sail date, and stateroom within 48 hours of booking – either on our website, or in a communication from us – we want to know. ... Re-price your cruise at the lower price, or. Give you 110% of the difference in onboard credit. The form OP filled out was not the correct way to go about getting a price reduction. Not saying NCL couldn’t have handled this circumstance better.
  6. Is this going to be the cups on all ships for outside going forward?
  7. While it won’t save you any money, there’s a chance you may be able to upgrade catergories for cheap or even free.
  8. Because between May 22-25 if they would have stayed on the phone until someone answered they would have saved $460 per person.
  9. But then the perks clearly wouldn’t be “free” the only actual difference then would be you’re paying X amount more just for perks.
  10. I’ve noticed since they’ve added “free air” the price difference between sailaway and choosing a balcony cabin with all the perks has gone up significantly. I find the price difference for insides aren’t usually too bad.
  11. There’s also the possibility that OP did notice the extra $900 in their account and was hoping NCL wouldn’t notice.
  12. I rented a car for a day from Avis from the Orlando airport to Port Canaveral. Dropped the car off at their location in Port Canaveral in the morning and they provided a shuttle to the cruise ship.
  13. Based on what others have said on here, yes the OBC offer is a one time deal.
  14. Exactly. It’s not even possible on NCL to not tip bartenders, there’s an automatic 20% gratuity on both the overpriced beverage package or the over priced drinks a la carte.
  15. $40,000 per day divided by 200 people would be $200 a day each.
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