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  1. Not sure if you know this. But you can bring your own bottles of wine on board, you just have to pay a fee of $15 each bottle.
  2. Oh boy imagine the riots if the beverage package was shut off to everyone.
  3. They will probably extend this one to the end of the month atleast. Mayyyyybe next month they’ll switch it up.
  4. I think you can buy cruise next certificates a couple weeks or maybe even a month after your last sailing?
  5. Maybe the reps are supposed to manually transfer dinner reservations and they didn’t.
  6. Yeah I booked a B2 for a December cruise last month and was hoping the price would drop once they got rid of the pick all 6 but it’s gone up 180 pp
  7. Also there is no happy hour on NCL
  8. I leave the DSC alone and tip extra to anyone that provides me excellent service while on a cruise. But I don't think the reason they have the DSC in place is because of people not tipping. I don't imagine NCL cares whether people tip or not just as much as any restaurant owner would care if I tipped my server or how much. I think the main reason the DSC is there is so that the cruise lines can advertise a lower price.
  9. If you haven’t paid the Daily Service Charge yet, you’ll still have to pay that 304.51 with your current booking as well.
  10. I wouldn't count on the free airfare actually ending at the end of the month. I'm hoping it does though because it's not something I'm interested in using.
  11. They add 20% gratuity of the price of the specialty dining package when you buy it or take it as a perk, not on each individual meal.
  12. If the flight was delayed and you miss the ship does NCL refund the number of days missed?
  13. Cabins below balcony do not get all 5 offers for free.
  14. Don’t worry it’s only available for a “limited time”
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