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  1. Have any Regent regulars sailed with or have friends who have sailed with Pearl? Would be be seriously disappointed in food and service after being used to Regent?
  2. We were below LaVeranda on Voyager (10-something at back of ship with a great balcony and view), having accepted an offer for an upgrade. BIG mistake. Chairs and tables were slid to the side (SCREECH!) every morning at 0600 so they could hose down and scrub the deck. No relief after complaining. Sorry we gave up that nice mid-ship cabin on deck 8.
  3. Scheduled cruise: Apr 16. Asked for refund: Apr 13. Refund credited to my card: Jun 5. 53 days from request to full refund.
  4. I remember seeing a thread of problems getting Amex to transfer your refund money to you. I received a $18,000 refund from Nat Geog for a tour that was to follow my Regent cruise. My credit card is a Chase (Costco) Visa. I called them and they quickly agreed to transfer the credit balance to the checking account that I had on file with them for paying bills. No charge. No sweat. It did take two weeks, but in today's world... Still waiting on the Regent refund and judging from available info, I'm thinking about two months from sail date.
  5. Dave, Thanks for this info. Those of us who actually read what you had to say found it interesting.
  6. Have been to an endodontist, who could not isolate the problem with a high degree of certainty, even after x-rays and 3D scan. He recommends taking a "rescue pack" if the tooth has still not flared up before the TA.
  7. My wife is having occasional tooth pain but our dentist does not believe a root canal is warranted at this time and is not even sure of which tooth is the culprit. We are doing the TA from NY to Barcelona on Splendor in April and are worried about the possibility of the tooth acting up while we are at sea. We know there will be a doctor on board, but will there be a dentist and are there even dental facilities? Come to think of it (this is our first crossing), are the doctor and ship facilities equipped to handle an unexpected, serious medical problem in the middle of the Atlantic? We've n
  8. We will be on Splendor sailing from NYC on April 16 for Bermuda and ultimately Barcelona. I know how to check average temperatures for the time of year, but wonder if anyone has done a South Atlantic crossing in the Spring and can advise what to pack for spending time on deck? Layers and some light rain gear, of course. Any other suggestions? Best holiday wishes to all the wonderful contributors on the Regent boards! I appreciate all of you.
  9. Re: Helsinki tours. If you are able to do a lot of walking, the Helsinki walking tour was terrific. But it covered several miles.
  10. Does anyone know who the Cruise Director will be on this Splendor cruise?
  11. Evening with the Czars is one of the two best tours we have ever taken on numerous cruises with RSS. Do not miss it. The Amber Room at your leisure is reason enough, but Catherine's Palace is amazing and there are other features that make this a tremendous experience. Even the Russian restaurant after for dinner was a fun experience, even if it will never come close to a Michelin star.
  12. On Explorer last year, we never had difficulty getting specialty seating. There was a crew member in one of the reception officers who had hours posted for handling requests. It helped that we were always willing to share tables.
  13. Thank you, Turn 8A, for putting up this very interesting post. We can't wait to meet her on our TA cruise in April.
  14. We did that excursion two years ago. It was beautiful scenery and we enjoyed it. As to whether it is worth the long bus ride, that is a good question. Sitting so long on the bus tweecked my back and it bothered me the rest of the cruise. Also, Bergen is a fascinating city and other than a quick ride through town, you will miss seeing Bergen. In general, we wish we hadn't taken so many long bus rides on this cruise, especially those that rejoin the ship farther down the line. Whenever the ship is sailing, you have beautiful views on the fjords; don't miss those for a lengthy bus trip. On
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