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  1. Hi Cruisechickee, It sounds like you will do just fine. I hope you have a great first cruise. You surely will be hooked on cruising after this. It is so much fun!! We started cruising in 1998, and have finished our 16th. Take care,Halo
  2. Hi Cruisechickee, I just returned from a NZ/Australia cruise in Jan. 08. I was so proud that I never got sea sick, as I do very easily. I have tried every suggestion out there. The best advice I have for you, as to not to fight that yucky feeling . When I start getting that feeling in my head and stomach I go lay down. This seems to work the best for me. I have tried to fight it many times with bad results. It used to take me a long time to recover. A lot of people were sick on our cruise on one formal night, the dining room was empty. I also find bouncing my legs up and down while sitting helps. Weird I know, but it helps me. Good luck,Halo
  3. Smart thinking Johanna!! I never though of that. HaloV
  4. Wrong Country -------- The bra would be a slight walking distance off of the ship in Tauranga, New Zealand:D
  5. Kayrn We flew out of SFO too. The cruiseline had us leave from SFO even though we are only 60 miles from LAX. If we wanted to leave from LAX it would of cost $2000.00 more. The silly thing was, we ended right back at LAX for a 3hr. layover. We should of said we did not catch the SFO flight & just gone to LAX. We weren't sure though. Our TA was no help. One of the reasons our luggage stayed in LAX, was they did not tag it to go through to Auckland. Another lesson learned. But our luggage was still dry unlike others. I do not wear much make up, but I had everything that was liquid 3 oz. or under in a ziplock bag.(for carry on) I had no problems with that, I just set the bag in the little bin. Lucky Dawn, Thanks for the back up!!:D There was a lot of people from the ship that came back from shopping empty handed. I did not think the ship had much of a variety in their 2 stores. It was funny how more clothes came out as we went to other ports. A lot of the clothes were too fancy for me. I am a blue jeans and T- shirt girl. LOL!! I hope you were able to enjoy some of you vacation. HaloV
  6. leg, We filed a claim as soon as we knew our luggage was not at the airport in Auckland, and as soon as we got on the ship with Uma. Once we got to Sydney we filed another claim, and they paid us on the spot. I had all of my receipts and all of the luggage tags and info. They even wanted the boarding passes from when we started. I was frazzled!! Even though we had problems, we would go New Zealand & Australia again in a heartbeat & sail with Celebrity. celle, I remember going to Farmers and the Maybelline mascara was $22.00. I pay about $6.00 in the US. I am not sure if Farmers is anything like our Wal Mart or K Mart, but that is where the shuttle dropped us off. I know port cities try to stick you with high prices. When we come back, I will be prepared for stores, though I would like to visit the beautiful country instead. LAX is our major airport and it is a pain. I guess we are just use to it, and we know they are not very friendly. This is the first time in 16 cruises we had lost luggage. On our trip we always came across the most friendly people in New Zealand & Australia. It is odd for us to see that. When I was in Dunedin hicking around by myself, a lady offered to walk with me and show me around. I thought that was so nice.
  7. Hi, Sorry for all of you that do not believe me. We went shopping in Tauranga, not far from the ship. Everyone that was looking for clothes were so disappointed in the prices. Many people found a thrift store & bought clothes. When we got to Napier, I also asked where the nearest thrift store was. Found some great deals!! Those in disbelief have to realize we don't know where the best places to get the bargains like the NZ people & we only have a short period of time in port. I was hoping to find a Wal Mart :D (Maybe I should of taken pictures of the prices.) Where we shopped, were many stores, but all very expensive. One woman said she spent $ 1200.00. A lot of people bought clothes from the ship too. I must say, that everyone was super friendly and nice in New Zealand & Australia. celle,The missing luggage was from several different airlines.Ours was booked through the cruiseline. Things got messed up in LAX I think for most. I did not buy the bra or tank top. Way too much for me!! Leg, I am sorry you didn't get your luggage again. Were you able to file a claim at the airport? It really did put a damper on things. I just loved the click we had all wearing the Celebrity T- shirts. We were a special club. I hope you get your luggage soon. I slept in the extra large T shirt. For formal night, my husband made a joke and said "let me borrow you nightgown" Exceptions were made for the dining room because so many of us did not have our luggage. HaloV
  8. Hi, For all of you that are getting ready for a Celebrity NZ/Australia cruise, pack a carry on for at least two days of clothes. We had 3 pieces of luggage out of 254 other pieces delayed or lost. Last cruise we were told 107 were delayed. They expect more for the next cruise ( I hope not) It took us four days to get our luggagge, and we were the lucky ones. Some did not get theirs until the 11th day of the cruise. 9 pieces did not get to the ship at all. Most of the luggage was wet because of the storm, when we left. The prices for everything are very very expensive in NZ. For example: $204.00 for a bra, 69.00 for a tank top. Crazy!! Celebrity gave us each a Celebrity T- shirt and laundered our clothes. But we had to ask or we would not of gotten anything. We also had to ask for comp toothbrushes & tooth paste and then we got various other sundries. We have learned a valuable lesson to pack a carry on with extra clothes. We were able to get money back from Qantas, but it was a big hassel. If this ever happens to you, make sure you keep all paperwork of claims, boarding passes and any airline tags and reciepts of anything you had to buy. Over all the cruise was nice, yucky weather most of the time, not summer at all:( . HaloV
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