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  1. threeofus

    Taxi in key west

    We often take a taxi from the golf course to Duval St. Depending on the traffic, it's usually between $20 and $22.
  2. threeofus

    Public restrooms in Key West?

    I agree - it's a good one !
  3. threeofus

    Stock Island Seafood Restaurant

    We have been to Michael's a few times. I keep wanting it to be great, but sadly it isn't. I DO however, LOVE the fondue at bar. That is always delicious and the bar is a fun place. Bartenders are very professional and have been there forever.
  4. threeofus

    Public restrooms in Key West?

    If you're at the Harbor and see the Conch Republic walk into the gift shop - the bathroom is at the back. Of all the public restrooms, I think the restroom at the Conch Train Shop is the cleanest of them all.
  5. threeofus


    If you haven't been to KW you can't imagine how easy it is to walk everywhere in old key west. And! you will want to - part of the fun is the walk. Just use Duval street one way and whitehead for the walk back.
  6. threeofus

    Tipping question

    We have always tipped the suggested amount and then added when appropriate. On our last cruise our cabin steward was visibly annoyed when we handed him 30 dollars over the prepaid gratuities!! We were two people in a suite so he received a very decent tip. This really made me mad! It seems the prepaid gratuities are a given at this point. How much do they expect?
  7. threeofus

    Credit Cards

    The pink taxi cabs take credit cards (they aren't always thrilled about it ) the yellow cabs usually don't. Ask before you get in.
  8. I agree - one stroll down duval is great - enjoy the charm of whitehead in the other direction.
  9. threeofus

    Key West Playlist

    Jimmy all the favorites plus I heard I was in Town Zac Brown, Chicken Fried Knee Deep Island Song Toes Free Kenny Chesney, Keys in the Conch Shell Howard Livingston. Key West Time Sell your stuff, live on an island Here in the conch republic I'm living on an island Where bananas grow Magic in Key West
  10. threeofus

    Cellphones in Key West

    Any Address in KW looks like this: Key West, Florida 33040
  11. threeofus

    Is the Spa worth it?

    I stopped going because of the high pressure to purchase products. On our sailing last week, we surprised my daughter with a massage. She returned with a $100.00 product purchase that she did not want but it was bagged with a receipt attached when she was ready to leave. I brought it back and am still waiting to have the charges reversed. They are not RCCL employees, so they bill directly to your credit card on file instead of posting the charge on your seapass.
  12. threeofus

    Is Key West a good stop for staying aboard?

    Take time to walk around Old Town and head either up and down Duval Street or one of the more picturesque streets: Whitehead or Simonton shaded by huge old banyan trees. The houses and inns are both quaint and colorful. Where else can you see TWO oceans? One end of Duval or Simonton Street is the Atlantic and one mile away at the opposite end is the Gulf of Mexico. Stop by Simonton Beach and have a fish Taco at Loggerheads Beach Bar and watch the ferries and sailboats. There is so much more to this beautiful city than "falling down drunks" and tee shirt vendors.
  13. threeofus

    Sunset -Places to View

    The Moet Sunset cruise by Echo cruises has the BEST sunset sail. It's a small cat style sail boat that usually books approximately 16-20 people. They serve premium wine and champagne, a platter of lovely cheeses and crackers and fresh berries. Many of the other cruises water down the wine, beer, and margaritas and serve horrible mass produced food.
  14. threeofus

    Oasis Owners Suite vs Crown Loft

    While I love looking out over the ocean - We have always gotten a sports deck view. If you get one in the center you can watch the Aqua show and you can also see the boardwalk. Yes there are lounge chairs on the deck It's a tough decision and I have wrestled with it time and again. But we always choose the CL it's just such a novelty.
  15. 7 years ago: Rome with stops in Turkey, Egypt, Mykonos, Athens, Naples and back to Rome. The world was in a different place!!