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  1. Thank you. This past week is when I was sick and I naively did not equate my symptoms with Covid. I had minor symptoms that started on Monday and had fever on Tuesday and Wednesday. Noticed loss of taste and smell on Thursday. So I am on day four of no taste or smell. The only thing I can taste is salt. It's not getting any better but it's still early. I am not sure if return is gradual. I've also heard of cases (hopefully rare) where it hasn't returned. A few months ago I listened to a podcast about it. The people who have long-term loss do smell retraining and it involves smelling essential oils (eucalyptus, rose, orange, lemon, etc.) and coffee grounds. Basically you're waiting for the brain to make a connection. Olfactory receptor neurons are thought to be damaged with Covid but the good news is that they are constantly regenerating. So it's a waiting game. Wishing your daughter good health and a return of smell and taste!
  2. Symptoms: Husband had sinus congestion and a post-nasal drip where he was clearing his throat/minor cough for more than ten days. Kid number one -- fever and headache for one day. Kid number two - low-grade fever, lightheaded, malaise for one day. Me: fever, chills, headache, sinus congestion, minor cough, fatigue, body aches for 3 days. Loss of taste and smell came on near the end and has not returned. Stay negative my friends. 😉
  3. It did feel like we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but now we are back in the tunnel. Thank you. Hoping for negative results for your wife.
  4. BecciBoo, hopefully you will be okay since you had Covid plus the vaccine. I am hoping for lasting immunity, yet as you've mentioned people can get it twice and we do not know if lasting immunity will be a thing regardless of infection plus vaccine. I am a registered nurse and the only people I've heard of so far being infected twice (or at least admitted) with Covid at my hospital are unvaccinated. At this juncture nobody knows. It's an evolving situation and we are learning as we go. I hesitated posting my status/story but wanted to share. Be careful, stay negative, and have fun. 😀
  5. Thanks for comments and encouraging words. We are not frequent cruisers and were so looking forward. I imagine breakthrough cases are very common. My sister (vaccinated Moderna) also tested positive today. There are many people like myself -- healthy,, no medical history, vaccinated, who are positive with Covid. Some will know it because they test. Most will have no idea. I think the narrative will change soon because we are not immune as we believed. I am not doubting the vaccine decreases severity of illness, and I still wholeheartedly believe in vaccines. My advice -- if you have a cruise coming up wear your mask and socially distance.
  6. barbeyg, hoping for health and healing for your niece as well.
  7. Thank you. I agree that thankfully we were vaccinated as it could have been worse.
  8. Thank you. I did have a few days of symptoms. Husband had minor symptoms as did our kids (18 and 21). We just never imagined all four of us positive. Thought it may be some other virus going around.
  9. Booked on Odyssey for this Sunday August 8. Family of four all fully vaccinated (Pfizer). Family of four had PCR test Thursday morning. All POSITIVE. We all have Covid. I am very depressed -- was so looking forward to this cruise. We had initially booked Independence and got switched to Odyssey and upgraded to balcony rooms. We had some cool excursions planned. Spoke with Royal Caribbean last night. Had to email our positive tests. Customer service person said to call back again on August 15th for a refund. Ugh.
  10. Thanks everyone. Still not sure what to do instead if we cancel this excursion. We have snorkeled here and there before -- John Pennekamp for instance -- and live in Florida and live in a beach town that is beautiful, so beaches are not something we necessarily need on this trip, nor do we care about drinking on this excursion. Will have to think about alternatives... Thank you again!
  11. Have you taken the Fury catamaran with stop at the beach excursion through Royal? Can you share your experience? Thank you very much.
  12. My kids got new passports. Age 18 and 20. It wasn't a renewal since they were expired and required new photos, etc. Paid for expedited processing. Mailed on June 6. Received on July 17.
  13. I have Fury booked in August and might cancel after reading this thread. The beach and catamaran might satisfy us even if the snorkeling isn't great. Not sure what to do. I would like to hear your thoughts/review.
  14. I read the article linked above -- the poster is good to go if sailing on Holland America and not good to go if sailing on Norwegian. It doesn't mention Royal Caribbean so I would probably email or call to be sure. Could you possibly get another dose of Moderna to have two doses of same vaccine? https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/second-shot.html
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