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  1. wowzz


    The OP said she was doing a solo trip to the Caribbean, but not when. Information is stil apposite
  2. wowzz


    Others on here will have visited far more Carribbean ports than me, but iirc, in the vast majority you can just walk into town from the port.
  3. Careful John, I've had a slap on the wrist regarding references to TAs.
  4. Isn't it amazing how, once alcohol is involved, the thread gets a "hot" flag on the listing page!
  5. When we did our driving tour of Oz a few years ago, we bought a fair amount of wine at the drive through bottle shops, to drink in our sc accommodation. Like you, I always begrudged paying more for the wine in Australia than at home in the UK!
  6. And I'm sure they made the rose by mixing the red and white together!
  7. Obviously very sensible. Why send glass bottles round the world?
  8. Certainly I remember that, plus of course, Hirondelle. I'm amazed my liver is still in working order! I have to admit that after all these years, I do find that, despite being widely derided, Mateus Rosè, suitably chilled, is actually not bad!
  9. Surely the 50% capacity only relates to the new "seacation" cruises, not the normal scheduled cruises for later this year. And capacity is being reduced by not offering inside or window cabins. These cruises were only ever sold with a limited number of cabins available, so there is no need to move people around.
  10. If you are able to, you won't be allowed to leave it. Doesn't seem like much fun.
  11. Fair summation. I have no stress with my agent. If I can't get through on the phone, I just drop them an email and they call me back within the hour.
  12. Now you are taking me back! How about 'Pia D'or' with the advertising slogan "The French adore the Pia D'or" . No, they bl**dy didn't. Awful stuff. And what happened to Blue Nun ? So sweet you could actually feel your teeth rotting away as you drank it!
  13. Does Saga insurance fully cover you for pre-existing medical conditions? It may not be an issue for you, so not a problem.
  14. wowzz


    I told you we were a friendly bunch on here (most of the time anyway)!
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