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  1. wowzz

    Currency for caribbean cruise

    Unless you are going to make a major purchase, cash is always going to be the preferred option, indeed probably the only option, for drinks, taxis, tips etc. US $ are all you need.
  2. wowzz

    Cruising Mediterranean in January

    January is probably the worst month of the year for the Med. Short days, cool , wet and windy, and cold nights. When we lived in Spain, near the Med, we tried to get to Florida every January to escape the bad weather.
  3. I personally would only deal through the official Heathrow site for meet and greet parking.
  4. wowzz

    Cartagena question

    La Manga is just a characterless strip of hotels. Stay in Cartagena!
  5. wowzz

    formal nights

    Apart from Cunard and P&O.
  6. wowzz

    MAN to ELP premium economy

    We have flown Virgin PE a couple of times. Probably not as good as some of the Far East operators, but much better than the BA equivalent. Separate check in area, roomy seats, friendly service and pretty good food. Thoroughly recommended.
  7. wowzz

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    It's always difficult to make direct price comparisons with the various offers, obc etc, but if you get a drinks package with Princess, the total cruise cost between them and P&O is very small. Of course if you are a non drinker this would not apply, but I guess non drinkers have no interest in this thread!
  8. wowzz

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    One of the few benefits that P&O had over other cruise lines was their relaxed alcohol policy. As this is no longer the case I now have taken your advice and booked future cruises where there is a more cosmopolitan passenger mix, and higher quality food and service (Princess and Celebrity).
  9. wowzz

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    Personally I would prefer P&O to go down the Princess route. One bottle of wine per person (no spirits), but you are allowed unlimited extra bottles of wine, subject to $15 per bottle corkage. Much fairer than the current P&O policy which unfairly penalises wine drinkers in favour of the spirit drinkers. No need to smuggle anything.
  10. wowzz

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    Our last cruise had 16 sea days - explain the bit about going ashore for a drink to me!
  11. wowzz

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    No one said anything about smuggling. We like to drink out own wine on our balcony, and when we cruised there was no restriction . If we cruise again we will abide by the new alcohol policy.
  12. wowzz

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    Our last cruise was 24 days. This was prior to the new alcohol policy, and we sailed from Southampton. We took aboard various wine boxes/ bottles and topped up in the various ports. We probably saved £500 by so doing. Our bar bill was still £800 so P&O did not exactly suffer, but the £500 we saved was very welcome.
  13. wowzz

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    Makes no difference how much alcohol you buy. You can only take one litre per person aboard !
  14. wowzz

    BA or VA for London flight

    My choice, and I've only flown PE in BA and Virgin, would be Virgin every time. Just an all round better product. Virgin also have a dedicated PE check in at LAX, unlike BA. Plus, you get to book your seats for free, unlike BA. Sent from my SM-T580 using Forums mobile app
  15. wowzz

    Barbados flights

    If you booked a BA club ticket you would pay £60 each way to select your seat. Why do you think it is "disgusting " to pay £30 ? Sent from my SM-T580 using Forums mobile app