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  1. Different tines I'm afraid Sue. Leisure sector is decimated, retail sector (other than food) is in tatters, transport industry non existent. Where will the newly unemployed find work? Plus of course, redundancy payments will the bare minimum, so not even a decent cash lump sum to fall back on.
  2. Anyone got any idea as to the likely new date for the maiden voyage? We are booked towards the end of March - who knows, that could be the maiden?
  3. I cancelled on March 29th for an April 12th cruise, but will not call until the 60 days is up. My feeling is that if everyone calls and wants their claim escalated before the 60 days is up, the delay in everyone getting their refund will only be delayed further. Can't see why people who have waited less than 60 days should expect their refunds to be given priority over those that have waited more than 60 days.
  4. Tom, I make that 53 days from the time you asked for a refund, which is when the clock starts ticking.
  5. I'm not trying to be overly pessimistic, but there will be tens of thousands of people looking for employment. Just look at BA who have sacked half their cabin crew.
  6. Well, although I used a TA, the credit card was actually debited to P&O, so in theory they could have my cc details.
  7. Thanks - just wondering if my refund will be on the cc, or by cheque, if it ever comes at all!
  8. Andy - glad you finally got your money back. Can you remind me - did you book direct or with a TA ? I seem to remember that it was a TA , and that you weren't impressed with their recent support. I'm currently at 58 days - phone call due next week I think.
  9. But at the moment, you will have to go into quarantine for 14 days when you get back to the UK. Not necessarily a problem for us retirees, but a deal breaker for those in employment.
  10. I enjoyed working, but my job entailed visiting sites across the UK, plus a fair bit of international travel. After a while, the constant driving, jet lag, plus of course meeting budgets, writing 5 year plans, etc gets to you, and you have to decide your priorities. If I had worked another 5 years I would have been vastly richer, but my life span would have been 10 years shorter.
  11. I stopped at 53. Decided that life is too short to work for most if it, and "down sized " to live in Spain for 10 years until my pension came through.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I must admit that Viking is on the top of our list. We are not too worried about the cabin size - Arcadia balcony or Princess mini-suite is big enough for us. We just like less people!!
  13. Nah - I stopped working just after 50. Life is too short to spend more than a third of it working.
  14. To be honest, if anyone wants to pinch my car, go for it. I'm certainly not going to pay £10 a day to check if my car is in situ!
  15. I had two or three, as I had various responsibilities within the organisation, some domestic, some international. As you say, not a mystery, and not a problem. Seems some people do not understand the workings of a multinational corporate conglomerate.
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