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  1. Still going on Sunday. The proposed law will be published on Friday, but will not be enforced for at least a week or so, to allow tour operators, airlines etc to sort out their procedures, so no tests needed for us. Wind and rain lashing down here - sunny and 25c in Lanza!
  2. To be fair, it very much depends on when you booked. No criticism at all is intended for anyone who booked any type of holiday prior to March this year. Having said that, I'm very much in the nincompoop department myself. Booked a November holiday in Lanzarote in July, when everything seemed OK. Two weeks later the FCO advised against travel. Last week the advice changed, and this week the Canarian government announced pre-test would be required before departure. My point is that things are changing so rapidly at the present, not always in a good way, that to book now, even for 12 months time, requires a leap of faith, that I for one do not have
  3. It is very evident from the official P&O social media page that P&O are playing the CV19 card for all it is worth when people complain about having to take official tours, and not being allowed to cancel their cruise. I guess that the impact on the bottom line if people are allowed to cancel due to this issue, is too big for P&O to contemplate. Yes, they may cave in after a lengthy period, to one or two persistent litigants, but I imagine that by playing a "long game " they imagine that they will just wear down the vast majority of complainers.
  4. Tom, you seem to have neglected once again to tell us poor people how many times you have been on Cunard.
  5. I'd totally agree with you, but I think it will take legal action before any cruuse line offers you a refund.
  6. I'm with you on that. Booking anything in the current climate seems absurd. I perhaps would take a risk on booking a foreign holiday or cruise now for late 2022, but certainly nothing sooner.
  7. Lulu - has it really come to this! How hard up must she be, if she has to perform at Warners.
  8. Only if you can guarantee 100% sunshine, warm/hot weather, and no children.
  9. I think a 14 day cruise around the Med, at 50% capacity, in the summer, might be acceptable. But 14 days on board a packed ship, with no getting off - No Thanks.
  10. Annie - I'm a "new man!". I can even work the washing machine, and I put the loo seat down after use! But I draw the line at dusting!
  11. No, a real human being, reading off a script. Kept him talking for 20 minutes (I was bored) telling him about my Rolls Royce being scratched etc.
  12. I had one of those. I told the man in question that, yes, indeed, I had just had an accident, and unfortunately my wife had been decapitated. His next question was " how is she feeling now?"
  13. Blimey Tom, I'm the one who normally does the ranting ! I see a TA as a way to get from Europe to the US (or vice versa) with no stops, whereas a cruise is a way to see various ports, rather than a means to get from A to B. No need to get worked up and tell us poor commoners how many TAs you have done. The DYKWIA attitude is beneath you.
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