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  1. I share a table for two every night for 48 weeks of the year. My wife can't wait to share a table with as many other people as possible!
  2. I am always bemused by people who want a table for two at peak times and then moan when they find that they have to wait!
  3. My concern on P deck would be that you have public areas and the theatre directly above you, which could be noisy.
  4. There is a difference between being optimistic and unrealistic!! I would think that one of the reasons behind the marketing push push is that P&O now have to find an extra 5000 cruisers every week to fill Iona.
  5. I hope you didn't watch the one where he was driving in the UK, and broke various traffic laws in 5 minutes! I know he is highly rated by US travellers, but he is viewed with derision by most Europeans.
  6. The train through the sugar cane fields in St Kitts is nice (plenty of rum punch), but you have to book a P&O tour, you can't do it privately. Can I suggest you look through the Ports of Call sections for these ports, as you will pick up lots of ideas there.
  7. Yes, there are dozens on the Face Flannel site
  8. But, if you never try anything else, how will you know if what you like is any good? Surely it doesn't hurt to try at least one other cruise line, rather than sticking religiously to P&O, time after time.
  9. I think that is a little unfair - I reckon that P&O is reasonable value for money for the majority of pax. Not sure if the premium for suites is really justified however. The one big drawback for us is the lack of a cosmopolitan passenger mix. Being surrounded by Brits, day after day, night after night, does become tedious after a while.
  10. I would second that. We have sailed with Celebrity and Princess, and both lines are significantly better than P&O, but the diehard P&O cruisers simply refuse to accept that there is anything inferior on the one and only cruise line that have ever been on. P&O is a average, middle of the road cruise line, with prices to match. We have 3 further cruises booked with them, but we accept that the overall standard of the cruise will be commensurate with the price we have paid.
  11. The difference is that in short haul, BA now positions itself as a loco operator, in order to compete with the likes of Ryanair and Easjet, as you found out when you wanted some water. In long haul, BA is still a full service provider, hence the difference in service level.
  12. There is a big difference between long haul and short haul flights, with less personal interaction possible on the short leg. Having said that, there is no excuse for rudeness from the cc.
  13. Probably the first post in history to say that there is too much space around their seat! In future, fly economy, and you will not have any problem with too much space!.
  14. That's a shame. The small economy upstairs cabin is fantastic, and imho, is the best economy cabin currently avaikable for lh travel.
  15. Actually, I don't think he was. Not that many Australians (or indeed any nationality) would know about an obscure English opera festival.
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