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  1. New Orleans was the main reason for us taking the cruise as well, although I also fancied seeing Miami. Just hoping that immigration in NO does not take too long!
  2. We're on N101, the first 35 day cruise of 2021, and that does include the US.!
  3. Yes, just booked a cruise with £350 obc or free parking. Obviously we chose the obc!
  4. On our last cruise on Arcadia the cheeseboard was kept on nearby window sills when not in use, totally uncovered. I'm not normall pernickety, but from a hygiene point of view I wasn't overly impressed.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I'll try and find your blog online . The last few times we been to the US we've used the self service kiosks, and not needed to fill in customs forms - perhaps the kiosks will be installed at N.O. by the time our cruise comes round. Ps - just found your blog - looks excellent. Something for me to read over the weekend!
  6. Interesting. Thankyou. What criteria were used in determining how mmigration times were allocated?
  7. On shortish cruises dining with the same companions certainly has its advantages, but after the 30th day, especially after a 5th consecutive sea day, conversation can become a little stilted!
  8. I have to say that the thought of sharing a table with the same company for 35 nights would be my idea of hell!
  9. Thank you both for the replies. It seems as if it would be unwise to plan too much for the first day !
  10. We are considering booking the Ventura 5 week cruise to the US/Caribbean. This will be the first time we have entered the US by sea, as opposed to flying in. The first US port of call is New Orleans, where I assume passports/ESTAs, fingerprints etc are taken. Has anyone experienced the process, and can give some idea as to how long the waiting time may be. This is an overnight stop, but I am a little concerned that half of the first day may be sent queuing to pass through Border Control. As an aside, would those pax booked on a P&O tour be likely to get priority clearance, in the same way that those on P&O trips get priority at tender ports. Many thanks for any information that you may have.
  11. Not sure any check in staff allocate seats these days. If you do not pay to select seats, you will normally be allocated seats prior to check in.
  12. Most airlines charge to select seats these days, and £30 per seat per sector is probably about average. Unlike Ryanair, couples are not deliberately split up, but obviously if 90% of the seats are reserved and paid for, you will only be able to choose from the remaining 10%. Given the overall cost of the holiday, I would pay the comparatively small cost in order to select seats together, away from the loos, galley etc. Premium seating costs will vary, but would probably be in the region of £200 extra, and with every penny!
  13. For extra leg room that's a good price, or do you mean that is the cost to choose a seat.. Personally I'm happy to pay to reserve the seat I want.
  14. Just to be clear, if you are flying on a dedicated cruise flight, the costs of booking specific seats are determined by P&O, not TUI or TC.
  15. When we did a Caribbean round trip, when travelling west to east, the clocks were out forward an hour during the day, not during the night. This meant that the crew did not have one hour less in bed.
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