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  1. Sure will!! We are doing a 14 day day Mediterranean cruise that starts Oct 24 and I will let you know on our return home in mid November.
  2. Congrats!! We are 71 days out and we booked our 14 day cruise on the Jade in January/18 and also like you we booked an obstructed view. We bid on a balcony (and a mini suite) in Canadian funds but the equivalent was roughly $200 US, seeing your post gives me hope 🙂. Enjoy your cruise!!!
  3. Today is the 80 days out mark, and I received the offer to bid on a mini-suite and a balcony for Oct. 24 cruise on the Jade. When I do a mock booking there are 24 mini-suites available to be booked but only 2 balconies. I made a "fair" bid on the mini suite and a "good" bid on the balcony... now the status for the mini-suite says "pending" and does not have the option to modify or cancel but my status for the balcony will allow me to modify or cancel, is this normal?
  4. We are!! I had my calendar marked off for Monday too 🙂
  5. Yes. I see it as well. And you are correct, I thought it was a room upgrade. No wonder I am confused, lol
  6. We are at the 84 day mark, and that is what I initially thought that we could not do anything until we were 80 days out.
  7. Hey you 🙂 The message was on my message centre on MyNCL, we are just want to see what they may offer ;0
  8. All my messages for this cruise are dated January 25, 2018, which is the date that I booked.
  9. No worries, all good...I appreciate you taking the time to help 🙂
  10. Yes, it only came through in my message box on the MyNCL page. I have not received it to my email address.
  11. I am not sure, I have never received an offer before for anything.
  12. Yes, this is the message I received and when I try the link it says to clear cookies and i have done that but this still comes up: This page isn’t working www.ncl.com redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  13. Thanks so much for your reply! I figured it was just a site issue.
  14. I received a message on myNCL that says “Take advantage of our upgrade offers” and where it says “click here” the link does not open up. It just says the link may be under or repair or may no longer exist. This is our third cruise with NCL but first time I received this message. Is this unusual not to be able to open the page? My understanding is that these offers usually do not appear until 80 days out and we are 84 days out. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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