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  1. Has anyone done the onboard PADI certification? Was planning on doing it here in tampa sometime beforehand but I came across this one and thought it might be fun to do on my symphony of the seas cruise next year. I'm just curious as to the details like how much time on board it takes, how much time in port, etc. Any help would be great.
  2. HAHAHA DUMB MILLENNIALS it all costs the same on cheers and tastes different from a vodka soda, but whatever strokes your ego
  3. I will say that the amount of rust and the outdated decor were probably the only things I didn't care for I saw that and we were already thinking that we probably would do that for our first cruise on Celebrity
  4. So I just got off the Miracle and I've never been more satisfied with a Carnival cruise. After my cruise on the Breeze in May I was pretty sure I was done with Carnival, but as long as they keep a Spirit class ship in Tampa I'll keep sailing on those at least. Compared to the Breeze: -The ship was way, way less crowded. Never had trouble finding a lounger, never waited in long lines, and didn't even have to arrive too early for the comedy club. -The Serenity is the best in the fleet and a great use of the aft pool area -There's so much more open deck space per person than on the Breeze -The service was much friendlier and faster, with more staff per passenger -There weren't sales pitches for the fun shops, casino, spa, etc every 5 minutes like on the breeze -I think Frankie is a better CD than Schwartz -Getting on and off in the ports is a lot faster since there's less people overall on the ship I just wanted to share my experience since I've seen a lot of the same complaints that I had about the Breeze on the other newer/refurb ships like the Horizon, Sunrise, etc
  5. While that's true, based on my last few cruises I think the cruising population tends to skew more to the morbidly obese side than the general population
  6. You have to pay gratuities on individual drinks from the bar too. You don't think people are drinking 25 cocktails over a 5 day period on vacation?
  7. OP is going on a 5 day cruise. At $52 per day that's $260 per person. Alchemy cocktails are $11/per, others are $8-$10. Even on the lower end $9*30=$270.
  8. You don't have to drink 50-60, you only have to drink 25-30
  9. Yes they still have that with options like the flat iron steak, stc
  10. So like I said earlier, every time I select it I get waitlisted but I always get off the waitlist I think its like FTTF where they release more spots as bookings go on and they see how many people have chosen traditional dining. Obviously they can't let everybody use YTD when they only dedicate one dining room or part of one dining room to YTD, otherwise wait times would be through the roof
  11. you couldn't pay me enough to wear a cruise shirt
  12. 1. It's assigned to you 2. Yes 3. You give your luggage to the porters then you'll see a couple lines - - one for people in the current arrival window and one for early/late people. You'll show them your boarding pass which has your arrival time printed on it. 4. I wouldn't know because any time I've done it I've just walked straight through to the ship
  13. I've been waitlisted for every cruise that I've selected YTD and every time have gotten off the waitlist well in advance
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