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  1. You guys can get a rushed vaccine, I'll take solace in the fact that even if I get Covid I have a 99.9% chance of being perfectly fine
  2. Besides that coming from one of the most unreliable sources on the planet, there are literally no vaccines currently available in pill form. They were working on a pill flu vaccine but believe it to be at least 5 years away
  3. 2021? There will be a pill vaccine approximately never
  4. I doubt it, its one of their biggest selling points
  5. Well that and the fact that they only have to figure out how to resume sailing one ship, not 20
  6. Planning on taking the offer if they cancel my August 16 cruise
  7. Yes and we should also deny cancer treatment to smokers and diabetes treatments for fatties by your logic
  8. Are the majority owners of the line really "magical friends"?
  9. You keep posting this in every thread but you do realize virgin group isn't even the majority owner of VV right?
  10. A lot of people are drunk enough by the muster drill to even remember that they were there
  11. All that means is that royal is like the majority of other companies that can't have employees work from home
  12. Probably because they'd rather you not die on their ship
  13. People also seem to be forgetting that the purpose of these lockdowns hasn't been to eliminate the virus, it's to slow it down enough so that it doesn't overwhelm the healthcare system
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