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  1. Hi All. I have only 7 points sitting with RCL how do you get them put on your Celebrity account or even if that’s possible
  2. Hi All We are thinking of booking this though its expensive at $486AUD though it is 7.30 hours. Has anyone done this and can recommend or not. Many Thanks
  3. I am so pissed off about this I may cancel our trip out of Sydney to NZ as being on a new ship was part of going.
  4. There is always a few and if they start up we take off to the next bar to meet some more exciting people. Love cruising we have had some great times. Sailing Sydney to NZ on the Eclipse in Dec 2020 can't wait to meet some new friends πŸ™‚
  5. I book direct with all Travel. Celebrity gave me the best price by over $1500 with the perks I got booking direct. I have travelled extensively and haven't used a TA in years as once I had a problem and got stuck the airline said contact your TA and guess what it was on a weekend and late at night and no one to help. When you book direct the buck lands with the person in front of you.
  6. We are on the Dec 10 Eclipse cruise out of Sydney I so hope we don't get fog and high seas so we can see this beautiful place. Can't wait πŸ™‚
  7. We traveled to MI last year. Buy any trinkets you want to take home here as the other islands are rip offs. There is offerings of food to buy. Take small notes with you 5 and 10 dollar notes as obviously they don't have heaps of cash there. Gorgeous spot actually all of the islands were. Very laid back πŸ™‚
  8. OMG you are joking arn't you. How stupid to go on a cruise for a foot stool and cancel it because it's not there. I am glad I wouldn't be sitting next to you at dinner Ridiculous outlook on life.
  9. I know there is so many whingers on this site and as you said they complain about a missing stool and minor things as if its the end of the world. I always hope that we are never sitting with these people for dinner as the negativity and the whining can spoil your cruise. We loved Celebrity and all the other cruises we have been on. Can't wait for our next cruise Celebrity Eclipse Dec 10 2020 after she has been in dry dock :)
  10. The last cruise on the Eclipse looks to be 24th May 2020 then no cruises until Sept so I have read Drydock is June. She calls Australia home from early December for summer and I am booked on her on the 10 Dec to NZ can't wait πŸ™‚
  11. Does anyone know if the Le Petit Chef experience is a nightly thing or only offered a couple of times on the cruise. Has anyone been to one of these nights if you could share your experience. Many Thanks
  12. OMG World Class problem. If your worried about someone cleaning your glasses every day I suggest you put some antibacterial wipes in your case.
  13. Hi All As you were on Eclipse over the Christmas and we have book for Dec 10 2020 from Sydney to NZ. Can you or anyone recall if they would have Chritmas decorations up by the 10th Our cruise finishes in Melbourne on the 23rd. Many Thanks
  14. Rod&Deb


    Hi All. I know Celebrity did a Baltic cruise from Northampton this year though can't see any for 2020 as yet. Does anyone know if they will ever do one again. Cheers
  15. Just off the Solstice. If you only go to one Speciality Rest make sure you go to Murano absolutely fabulous and very special. Book now if you can as after the 1st day on our cruise it was booked out and we could only go once. I would have loved to have gone again though we just couldn't get it. Our cruise was out of Sydney 9 nights South Pacific and it was amazing. The staff the cruisers we had such a great time. We also had the Premium drink package and it was well worth it for us and I bet they put the prices up for Aussie cruises now LOL. The World Class bar has some spectacular drinks though only the Premium package fully covered them. The food everywhere was great though Murano like I said is special. Get dressed up and go. We did the Tuscan and the Chinese they were OK though I wouldn't bother with them again. I will spend all my OBC in Murano. I had the Sole and Strawberry Crepe Rod had the Pork Belly and said it was spot on and he had a meat dish sorry can't remember what it was though I so wish I could go back to have the Souffle. I would definately sail with Celebrity again it was a fantastic trip.
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