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  1. Just off Getaway on Sunday. Ocean Blue Window was open for lunch on sea days only. Lobster roll is still available (and still fantastic) for $9.75.
  2. He's home and is scheduled to return to Escape May 26th.
  3. Not sure of his exact arrival date, but I know he will be there on April 28.
  4. I was on Bliss in December and January and the express key wasn't working.
  5. Encore will have the glass smoking room in the casino and likely Joy too. And, after drydock so will Escape.
  6. If you have a casino drink card you'll be able to get the Red Bull and bottled water at no additional charge (while playing).
  7. We had a similar situation last year -- we called the villa concierge and she came immediately and made them turn the music down. We are beach people and loved every minute of the villa experience. No issues with sand or the water. Food and beverage service was great. They practically had to drag us back to the ship at the end of the day.
  8. Correct. On Bliss the sundeck wraps around deck 19 (unlike other ships of this class). There are two well-separated forward areas with lounge chairs -- one is smoking and one is non-smoking.
  9. On our NYE cruise, Melba Moore had one or two show in the supper club.
  10. On Escape you'll find hot dogs at the Garden Cafe, on the menu at O'Sheehans and also on the Haven snack menu. Not Sabrett but they taste okay.
  11. Clubby feel with leather chairs and sofas but bear in mind you'll sometimes have cigarette smokers in there too (if weather is bad). On the outside deck adjacent to the cigar lounge is a designated smoking area and bar for cigarette smokers.
  12. Cristina will be there until at least the end of January. She recently was promoted to VP of On Board Casino Events and will travel ship to ship overseeing promotional events.
  13. You likely wouldn't need Vibe. Deck 19 outside sundeck on Escape is designated age 16 and over, has a hot tub, shower, bathroom and food/drink service. Plenty of loungers available too. The only thing you won't have up there is a bar.
  14. To answer your original question, yes you can list both bookings on one form. Tracy
  15. I cruise every NYE and you will see everything from people wearing tuxedos and sparkly dresses to clothing a bit more casual. You certainly wouldn't be out of place if you choose to dress up. Tracy
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