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  1. Have received an email today confirming the amount of FCC I have from several canceled cruises this year, the figure Cunard quote does match up with what I see when I log on to Cunard.com, has any one else had this problem
  2. Cunard have just announced a further pause until Nov 1st for Mary and Victoria and nov 23 for Elizabeth
  3. With so many people booking ( or Changing dates ) Cruises for 2021, Cunard have no incentive to offer competitive prices. Once the bulk for the passengers who have had cruises cancelled have reschedule to 2021 the offers will start to appear.
  4. Don't waste you time watching it. Nothing of any relevance except the crew are doing Zumba classes. No information on when we get our refunds or a realistic date when sailings will start. Just Cunard are wonderful, and hey book another cruise with us so we can cancel it next week and hang onto you cash for 60 days.
  5. Interesting article in the Guardian regarding the state of the Cruise industry. Well worth a read alongs with the various links in the article Not specifically Cunard, but the impact will be the same https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/apr/11/cruise-firms-face-off-the-scale-challenge-in-wake-of-coronavirus
  6. CDC issue 100 day no sail order to US Cruise lines https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html I guess Mary wont be going to NY for some time, or any of the others going to the USA any time soon. FYI 100 days from today is July 19th
  7. It Official, all cruises before May 15th Cancelled From Cunard FB Page As a result of the continued impact of COVID-19 and following global guidelines, we have made the decision to extend the pause in our operations for an extra month until 15th May 2020. We will continue to monitor government guidelines and restrictions, and this may mean there are further changes to the timing of when each of our ships returns to service.
  8. In Southampton until at least March 28th when the last passengers will disembark.
  9. From the Cunard Facebook page in the UK In light of recent Government guidance and global restrictions to halt the spread of Covid-19 we are working through our plans for the resumption of sailings and will communicate our initial plans as soon as possible.
  10. Cunard may want start running cruises from April 11th, but as most borders will still be closed, they will have nowhere to go. realistically I can not see any cruises running until July / august at the earliest and then they will only have passengers if they drop the prices to the $30- 50 per night level
  11. All dressed up and no where to go QE In Sydney this afternoon
  12. I think every one is being cautious, we all has our tempratures taken a couple of days ago and filled in a health and travel questionnaire. No reason to believe we are a risk as we have complied with all the pre arrival requests, but on this occasion they did not want us to dock. Hopeful for our remaining ports will be able to go ashore
  13. Latest update from QE, we were not allowed to leave the ship in Rabaul PNG today. We arrived late due to a medical evacuation a couple of days ago, and sat alongside for most of the afternoon while the local officials decided if we could disembark or not. Finally the answer came that we could not disembark, so we are now off to our next port in PNG, hopefully we will have better luck tomorrow
  14. Cunard had made a allowance in the prices because of the late change, have just booked a Q4 for the transpacific for less than £100 pp per night. There are some real bargains to be had with these cruises
  15. Plan for March 9 - 15 is 9th Sydney 10th Eden 11th At Sea 12th Port Arthur 13th Hobart 14th At Sea 15th Sydney The second Tasmania cruise will follow the same itinerary possibly starting on March 15th
  16. QE is staying in OZ for the moment and then doing a transpacific from Australia to Vancouver for the Alaska season
  17. I’m onboard QE at the moment and the Captain has just announced the change to Queen Elizabeth’s itinerates for the coming months. All Asia ports have been cancelled, this also includes the Japanese ports. They will be replaced by an extended Australia season, starting March 9thwith a 5 day Tasmania cruise. Others trips to include a couple of New Zealand cruises, a 28 day circumnavigation of Australia, and a trans Pacific to Vancouver. We have been told we will have full details tomorrow evening, and all new cruises are due to be available to book
  18. Had the same experience in Vancouver last June, off the ship by 9AM at the airport by 12.30 for a 9 PM flight, and as it was a group flight could not use on line check in so had to join the massive check in queue. Options we later discovered, there is a left luggage service at the airport, so you can leave you luggage at the Airport and take the sky train back into Vancouver and enjoy the day rather than hang around the airport
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