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  1. Thank you for your review. Sounds like you had a very good cruise... Wondering if you could answer a few questions... 1- What cabin were you in? Balcony looks great!! 2 - The above picture - Is that part of black card perks -> It looks great. Presentation is top. 3- Which bar did you enjoy the most? Which bar did you order the frozen drinks with a shot on the side at? We will be doing this several times.
  2. I'm hoping this cruise is 1000 x's better than the last one. You guys have lots of food/drinks/laughs to make up for the last one. I hope you don't have time to answer too many questions, because that would mean you guys are too busy having fun. But would love to read any review you have time to tell us...
  3. Just started you review...God live you guys. You've had a rough year. So glad things are starting to settle down for you all. We we had the same battle with our pup Gunther - parvo is tough but beatable. We had our Gunther for 12 + happy years. Hugs to your peanut....
  4. I'm late finding this review!! And I've been looking for it. I'm going to catch up tonight with a hot chocolate!! Cutie!!
  5. I love your excited!! You make me want to continue with my diving training. I've done the DSD a few times, but never took it any further. Now it's on my bucket list and because of your excitement!!!
  6. I'm very behind. Just found your trip review... So sorry to hear about the break. Dang girl, when you do something you do it to the fullest. I haven't read the rest of the review so I hope everything went ok with surgery. Take it easy and do everything the doctors say. PS...Your daughter is growing up so much!!
  7. I love how you put your thoughts into words...I can almost imagine being here. I felt like this in Venice...I got up early, before anyone else in our group. Sat out side the hotel on the main canal and watch the city come to life. So peaceful being able to take it all in on my own pace...
  8. There is something bittersweet about watching the sun set on a town you visit on a port call as the ship pulls away...
  9. I love how you are loving your trip. We also loved everything about Florence when we were there 3 years ago - also on a pre-cruise trip before we boarded the Connie. Keep your smiling going...
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