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  1. Thank you for the review. Trying to decide between Seaside and Armonia for our next cruise. You are helping....
  2. We have narrowed our cruise down to Seaside or Armonia. Either ship we will do the Aurea Experience. Armonia with Aurea cabin 1201(or 1203) or 1011. Smaller/Older ship with less people which my husband will be happy about. $2700 for both of us which our checking likes (including easy drink package). Seaside with Aurea cabin 9245. Bigger/New ship which sounds good to me. $3500 for both of us which our checking can handle, but it is more (also has easy drink package). Anyone with opinion on either of these rooms? Ships? History... - Husband finally has agreed to go on a cruise - he doesn't like crowds. - Aurea suite will give him a room with a tad bit more room than a normal balcony room if he needs to escape. And a balcony for escaping also. - Aurea also has the private sun deck to escape on... I've done several cruises and usually on the older/smaller ships (last one was Europe on RC Jewel last month). - I don't mind the crowds. I usually can find a quiet spot to read. - I do like the idea of a bigger/newer ship to try something new. - Bigger/newer means more people but should also mean more places for everyone to spread out. - Venchi = Sounds like my kind of heaven!! Lol. I know real world problems here, but I can't get him to give me his opinion. Lol. Gotta love my hubby...
  3. Thanks for the review. I've talked my hubby into trying MSC and I think we are leaning towards Seaside. Food is important to hubby. And the drink package. I've got the drink package taken care of. And a private area for him to escape the crowds is on the list. But we are going to do a suite so he has a decent size room with a balcony to escape on.
  4. I'm also unsure about the massage types.. My husband and I are getting our room with the Aurea experience which includes 2 massages. If my husband doesn't want his massage, will I be able to use it or is it one per person?
  5. I'll throw my two cents in also...I just got off the Jewel on June 30th... I had purchased the key but decided to cancel it once I talked with my cell phone company - Tmobile. With my cell phone account I got Free Unlimited text and data while in Europe - France/Italy/Greece included. It also came with .20 or .25 cent phone calls depending which country. Only the 2 days without date - except when we went through the Messina pass (then we were so close I picked up cell service). Free text was a great way to keep up with hubby in the states. If you don't have Tmobile, check with your cell phone company. My cousin's company had a 'cruise plan' but she just used my phone. Getting on the ship...Didn't need the key. Went pretty fast and really no issues. Lunch in Windjammer was a little crowded, but not as crowded as expected. Also go to the very back of Windjammer for nice seating outside with a great view of the back of ship. Disembarkment...We did self disembarkment. Lined up at 6:45am and was off ship with our luggage by 6:55. Santorini was the one port the key would have been amazing for. Tender port. Delayed over an hour (still don't know why) and then with all the people who got tender tickets before us - it was 3 hours after the fact before we got off the ship. Huge pain, but still made our private wine tasting on time!! And the wine tasting was amazing - we did the 10 tasting and wow - it was a lot of wine. very generous pours. The other ports were no big deal. We docked at Mykonos, Athens, and Olympia. I'm glad I made the decision to cancel the key. But it's a personal decision that only you can make.... Have a amazing trip!!!
  6. Looking forward to hear all about this cruise. We are looking at this cruise for a few years from now...
  7. I'll jump in and add on our Greek cruise on the Jewel, there was no warning or notice anywhere that the Chocolate Night was happening. It was tradition for us to always hit Windjammer in the evening for our nightly sweets. We just happened upon it and WOW!!! You have to try and find it. On our 7 night cruise it was on the 5th night. Good luck!!
  8. Well boo!! But good to know ahead of time. Thank you!!
  9. Thank you....Going to try and get room on other side.
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