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  1. isladonna

    Carnival Dream arcade

    $1.25 to like $3.25 depending on # of plays you want on a particular machine.. We allowed ours to spend too much money there and is definitely a WASTE, but he kept begging to go, soooo, yea. whatever LOL.
  2. isladonna


    Are they readily available /waiting once we get outside airport terminal?
  3. isladonna

    Fly to Fun possible problem

    OH good! I was worried and we leave tomorrow! Feel better now (I think) LOL
  4. So, for some stupid i booked flight through Carnival. Well the stupid reason was, price was same as booking on my own and I thought the idea of them getting us there, in case of issue was a plus, so maybe not that stupid. My issue is, they booked the flight with only our first and last names, no middle names or initials, as is on our passports. The should have asked or known we needed our full names for TSA purposes. Does anyone foresee this being a issue with TSA or ran into this issue before? Thanks!
  5. So, I went to buy cruise cash with my gift cards. One question it stated/asked, when do you want this delivered to your cabin. So, I don't want it delivered to my cabin but want it added to my s&S account, because I don't want to wait in lines at guest services or whatever to do this. Soooo, does anyone know how this works? If I buy online now, will it go to my S&S acct or will I get them in my room and then have to apply to my account at guest services? So confused! But 3 MORE DAYS, WOOHOO! THANKS ALL
  6. isladonna

    Cruise Cash

    I have a question. I was going to purchase cruise cash with gift cards, online. But, when going through it, it says will be delivered to cabin. So would I be getting cruise cash certificates, delivered to cabin, or will the cruise cash I purchase go to my S&S account? Because if that's the case, would not make sense to do this online as I was trying to avoid guest services once onboard.
  7. isladonna

    Sunscreen, safe for reef

    Thank you so much!
  8. Did it twice for my upcoming cruise with no problem :)
  9. isladonna

    Sunscreen, safe for reef

    Does anyone know of a brand of sunscreen that is considered acceptable for snorkeling in Belize? I don't want to buy some and have them tell me it is not acceptable. ALot of them, like Reef Safe brand, are not actually reef safe. Looking on amazon, so confusing! Read reviews and people say they were not allowed to use particular ones, even though they though were safe. Thank you!
  10. isladonna

    Best Excursions Cozumel

    I believe it was through their facebook page. I messaged them on facebook messenger, they responded and have our reservation. You don't have to pay in advance, pay upon arrival. It sounds so fun and you get to see the entire island. Good Luck and happy sailing!
  11. isladonna

    Go Pro, but not a Go Pro

    was just hoping to post videos or photos of snorkeling to facebook, from the camera, but guess I'll be waiting till I get home, or using wifi on shore somewhere. Which requires me to connect the camera to my phones wifi. and yes i use the app for the camera. I will just use my iphone to post pics that are not in the water :) thanks for the responses though!
  12. isladonna

    Paying for Steakhouse?

    Not yet, on my oct 7 cruise
  13. Go Pro type camera. Will my Iphone connect to it with ship wifi to post on Facebook? Not unless I buy the highest package or......not?
  14. isladonna

    Paying for Steakhouse?

    Looking forward to it, we have never been, sounds wonderful!
  15. isladonna

    Paying for Steakhouse?

    So I got my confirmation for our reservation, but was expecting to pay for it at time of booking, but no notice to do so, Do they just charge your account when you actually go? Thanks ALL!