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  1. $70 for a blowout sounds very pricey! I know on Crystal for a medium length blow out the cost is $49 and I've always been happy with the final result. They also have GHD irons etc if one requires them. Does anyone know what the hairdryers in the staterooms are like? Again on Crystal they have the latest Dyson so hoping Regent will have something similar?
  2. The Australian website includes port fees and taxes in the fare price but the airfare cost has been removed. The US site includes both air and taxes/ports fees but if one wants air removed from the fare then the price can be reduced accordingly.
  3. Salzberger Knockerl is my favourite special order dessert but I also love the pomegranate semifredo served at Prego on Symphony - I can't help but to order it every time we dine there, unfortunately it's not available on Serenity.
  4. Lovely food shots, Vince from Prego's! I've never seen the affogato/tiramisu dessert prepared like that with the water being poured over the coffee grounds, I'll have to try it in January.
  5. I love waking up in the morning and reading that some kind person is going to be starting a live blog! Thanks for taking the time to do this! Bon Voyage and have a wonderful time!
  6. You can book specialty restaurants as soon as you've paid in full and you can do so online. You'll only be able to book one reservation at each specialty restaurants (Prego, Uma Uma and Silk) online, any further reservations must be done once you board.
  7. A real shame about Geiranger - it was one of our favourite ports on our North Cape cruise in 2018. I will google the restrictions as I'm interested to know if they are limiting the number of ships in the same way as Glacier Bay and if that's the case which cruise lines have the ability of going there.
  8. Vince, I think you need to alter your dining routine - I'm worried you're limiting your dinner menu items. I think Glen and I consumed about double the amount you had at Umi Uma. Not sure if I should be embarrassed about that 🙂. Glad to see though that you enjoyed evening cocktails and can't wait for further instalments. Adrian, I still remember the very witty and wonderful live blog you did on a Crystal cruise a while back - can we hope for another live blog when you sail in a couple of weeks?
  9. Yay, Vince - the Crystal board here was getting very quiet and then I see your post. Can't wait to hear more!
  10. I know timing was spoken about in a thread a little while ago but can't locate it and I seem to recall someone saying there would only be minor internal retouches - replacing some carpeting etc but if they were to ask me what I would like to see done I would say Marketplace needs a refresh (I know it was only done a few years ago but to me it has the look and feel of a Travelodge), The Galaxy theatre to look more like Serenity's and the Bistro to look more like the river ships bistro's. Curious as to why you ask the question - I know you've just returned from a cruise on symphony - was there anything that stood out to you?
  11. Thanks very much, Flossie - that's great to know!
  12. I understand that one can reserve a table at each of the specialty restaurants per cruise online prior to the cruise commencing but is that just per 7 days? If we are on a 14 day cruise are we able to book 2 tables at each specialty restaurants online or only if the cruise is in 2 segments?
  13. Thanks for providing the email address!
  14. We always go back to the same seat but it certainly wouldn't bother me if someone took my seat (unless I had personal items there) but on one cruise excursion in South Africa a woman literally had a melt down when she returned to her seat to find someone else in it - screaming and calling everyone on the coach rude and inconsiderate, guess she was having a really bad day. I was quite nervous when it came to the lunch later on the same excursion to find that we were seated with the same lady - not much chit chat at that lunch 😣
  15. The photo is slightly deceiving. Whilst the newer Seabreeze penthouses feel tighter than the original PH's due to the choice of oversized furniture (why on earth they would choose such large pieces is beyond me) it's not quite as tight as the picture depicts. Are there cruise ships with larger penthouses and stateroom? Absolutely, but I guess stateroom size is something that's not that important for a lot of people if the ship has enough spacious, uncrowded public spaces and a lot of activities which means that many are not in their room for anything more than showering, changing and sleeping.
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