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  1. Vince, no water balloons or tomatoes from me! I couldn't agree more. I have seen people on board the ships who should not be travelling and who require an amount of care from crew that is tantamount to hospital care. In one instance a gentlemen required his butler to help him dress and undress and be physically carried into his bed. This is not what the crew are trained for nor should they be expected to do this. I have also been on excursions where we have had to wait/be late and miss parts of an exhibit because someone decided to take the tour even though they were unable to meet the prerequisite for stairs and moderate walking. I find this incredibly selfish and before someone calls me ageist my parents are 84 and 94 and I can see first hand the frustrations and limitations old age places on people and it is extremely sad and frustrating and as Vince mentioned - that will be me one day but I hope that I will have the good sense to know when enough is enough, no mater how tough that might be.
  2. Whilst we have a couple of states in Australia which have been Covid free (i.e. no new cases and no active cases) for some weeks, there are some states still having a very small amount of community infections. But the aim was never to eliminate Covid but to flatten the curve enough that we would not inundate our health care system. Well we've well and truly done that as we have 7,000 ICU beds available and only 2 are currently being used for Covid patients. Unfortunately now in Australia we have gone to the extreme of thinking that a daily infection rate of under 20 people in some States is a "second wave" and lock downs are being reintroduced. With this attitude towards such low numbers I can't see the government opening our borders to anyone from the USA for quite some time.
  3. Unfortunately it's not just the lifting of bans for cruise ships that will be an issue. I don't think our borders, both here and in NZ will be open to anyone until at least the end of the year and it may be even longer - I would hazard a guess that the summer cruising season here will not happen. Returning citizens and residents need to undergo a 14 day hotel stay quarantine, paid for by the government and with armed guards in the lobby. Given the rising case numbers in the US and elsewhere I can't see this changing for quite a while. On top of this Australia has somewhat lost it's appetite for cruise ships after the disaster we had with the Ruby Princess so this will add to the slow timing of cruise ship restrictions being amended.
  4. I thought the crab and Brie soup etc was served on the second night? But you're probably right as we now tend to dine in Prego on the first night and I can't recall seeing the soup on the second night.
  5. Exactly! Ditto! So to say that sanitising luggage shows no clue as to how this disease spreads is incorrect and a little arrogant!
  6. I'm interested to know why you think santizing luggage is a waste of time? From what I've heard the germs from Covid -19 can last on hard surfaces for quite some time. One of the infection cases from the Ruby Princess was thought to have been contracted from the person handling the baggage of one of the infected guests. We also had a large outbreak of luggage handlers in South Australia. The government was concerned enough that the outbreak could have been caused by handling the suitcases of infected arrivals to advocated wiping down all luggage.
  7. The Seabreeze Penthouses are newer - they were redecorated/designed in a major dry dock 2 years ago (I think). But our favourite PH on Serenity is the one you've chosen. It has much more storage space and we love the overall configuration and layout. The new Seabreeze PH doesn't feel as spacious and I'm not crazy about some of the furniture choices as they are too oversized for the size of the room. We would even pick the PH with Verandah above the next category of PH.
  8. Mark, we cancelled about a month ago as we knew the Australian borders would not be opening up by August, and opted for a full refund. We just got the usual 90 day response from our TA via Crystal. We'll certainly pursue further if we don't receive our money at the 90 day mark but I remain hopeful.
  9. Wow, I'm shocked and find this hard to digest. I wonder if someone from Crystal who is reading these boards could clarify/confirm.
  10. Ha ha, you have a point! And unfortunately, another valid point!
  11. Partly in cheek and partly wishful thinking. I do think though that it would be easier than you might imagine to fill one of the ocean ships with NZ/Aus passengers. The requirement would be that ONLY residents/citizens of either country would be eligible to sail. Somehow though I think you are right and that even in that scenario there might not yet be the appetite for it here.
  12. Or send both ships to Australia (they're close by anyway) and let the Australians and New Zealanders fill the ships and they can sail between the two countries as there will soon be an Anzac bubble in place allowing travel between the two with no quarantine required as numbers in both countries are pretty much negligible. Not all things have to be US centric - this will be a good way for Crystal to earn revenue until numbers in the rest of the world lower to the same level or there is a vaccine/treatment.
  13. A glimmer of hope for those that are nervous about receiving refunds. My brother in law cancelled a river cruise my sister and I were going on in October which we had fully paid for. We received an email from Crystal the other day confirming bank account details which tells me that the money will be processed shortly. We cancelled on 25 March so if we receive the funds in the next week or so it will be way before the 90 day mark. I'll keep you posted on the exact date the funds are received.
  14. I know the numbers in the U.S. are still very high and this is leading people to feel very pessimistic about when (and if) things will ever get back to normal. But I think the road ahead isn't as bleak. In Australia we are fortunate enough to be down to approximately 24 new infections per day for the entire country. Our total case numbers are just under 7,000, with only 800 active cases - i.e. 6,200 have fully recovered. There are only 27 cases in ICU units. Our country is starting to open up - hopefully much more next week. The advice from our government Is not to wear masks unless you are unwell. Now imagine a scenario where this is the case for all major countries - and it will get there even though it might take some countries longer than others. Countries that have huge numbers might even find they are better off in the long run if it turns out that having had the virus you're immune from catching it again. IMO this puts a very different spin on travel. We are never going to fully irradiate the virus but if the numbers in all countries remains very low and we can have instant testing results and/or antibody tests this will make travel as risk free as any other decision we take in life.
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