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  1. I for one would not be comfortable getting on a cruise where only the passengers are vaccinated and not the crew. Defeats the purpose in my opinion, especially given the fact most crew come from countries with extremely high Covid cases. Are the crew strictly quarantined for 14 days pre boarding? Are they allowed off the ship in any ports?
  2. Best news I've heard for a while! We loved the Mozart and were so disappointed when Crystal decided to remove it from their fleet of river ships. I would do the Vienna return cruise on the Mozart again in a heart beat. I wish there were more options for the Mozart in terms of itinerary but the experience was so fabulous that I don't mind revisiting the same areas again.
  3. One thing I'd like to point out that I believe has aided Australia and New Zealand achieving the results we have is that as a population we are compliant. We listen and adhere to the government mandates. If we're told to lockdown and only leave home for essential reasons, we listen; if we're told to wear masks, we listen; if we are told not to travel, we listen; if we are told to social distance, we listen; if we're told we can only have 5 visitors in our homes, we listen. Sure there maybe a few people who try and break the rules but there are fines in place which deter this and I do think tha
  4. That's great news! A long wait but you finally got your money back, I was starting to lose hope!
  5. That's really disappointing news about the Astrazeneca vaccine. We've purchased more of this in Australia than any other vaccine. I may be wrong, and I hope I am, but I think Australia is going to have a hard time with vaccinations, mainly procuring enough as I think the government may have left it a little late to get in line. We put a lot of our eggs in the one basket, hoping that the vaccine being developed in Queensland would be successful, which it unfortunately wasn't. Luckily with our borders closed we have things under control here but in order to open up, travel and avoid continual lo
  6. Vince, you're right and I'm not complaining in the least. I know how lucky we have it here! Terry, your pictures look great and I love the combo of Churrascaria and Rent. Now one issue with our international borders being closed for so long is the impact it will have on the Crystal itineraries that include Australia late this year and early next year.
  7. Here in Australia we have been told to expect no international travel until 2022, i.e. our borders are going to remain closed until that time. Reading above about expectations of travel mid year is making me feel envious, if it actually happens. Whilst our daily case numbers are extremely low to non existent (Sydney has had 4 days in a row now with no community transmissions) we are not due to start vaccinating until the end of February. The vaccine we've invested the most in and will be predominantly using is the Astrazeneca which I believe is only 70% effective (unless that figure has recent
  8. Another Italian/American food terminology which I find strange is the term "gravy" used I think when referring to what I assume is ragu or meat sauce. I first heard it being used in the Sopranos years ago. Is that still a thing?
  9. I hope all airlines and countries follow the same protocols as Qantas has announced. I personally, don't want to get on an airline where it isn't mandatory to have had the vaccine and I would only want our international borders to be open to people who have been vaccinated and I personally would prefer travelling to countries that had the same requirement.
  10. Just to add to Stickman's post about Australia. I live in Sydney and as we were coming out of our strict lockdown back in May, I think, the limit to the number of people allowed in one's home was increased to 4 people outside of your own family group. We had my sister and BIL over. We were probably a bit noisy and one of the neighbours called the police suspecting that we had more than then allowed number of visitors. Next thing you know there are 3 very polite police at my door checking the premises and the number of people in the house. And here's the difference between how I reacted (and I'
  11. Great pictures! Some of that decor - wow! I was almost expecting to see Captain Stubing appear in some of them 😀
  12. Crystal Endeavor delayed delivery for 12 months - I wonder when that 12 months starts from? The date it was supposed to be ready or from now? Doesn't look promising for our 2021 Holiday cruise in Antarctica. That being said, I'm not sure at this stage if there will be any cruising in 2021 anyway.
  13. Please no, that would be really heart breaking for me! I love the Symphony!!
  14. One of our favourites - is it per chance a pink flower cocktail. I always get it wrong and think the name is pink lady for some reason!
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