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  1. I saw this too, I contacted my TA she is going to look into it.
  2. Ok, so I am confused about this Polar Code. I am looking to book what I guess will be a cruise by with either NCL, Princess or Celebrity in Jan '22 as these ships are what I can afford. Any suggestions ??
  3. I just returned from a trip to South Africa and Swaziland, not on a cruise. We had our foreheads scanned prior to entry into each country. Returning to the United States nothing was done, which countries are cautious?? I am looking at returning to Africa to catch a cruise out of Cape Town. I agree that many people do not worry about the flu or norovirus, many people die from that also. Cruise on!!!
  4. Yes there is a daily paper.. What & Where. They have a short list of activities... trivia, line dance lessons, morning/Afternoon stretch, occasionally enrichment lectures, bingo, all of the usual.
  5. We did the Island..for some reason I love that little ship.
  6. Haven't seen the PDF version in several years ... can't for the life of me figure out why they would stop them??? SMH
  7. Happy to read these reports...board in 3 days!!!! I AM READY!!!
  8. AS a person that works with marine animals I am glad they are not using as many straws. I now carry reusable straws with me
  9. I was on the Veendam last Nov and just re-booked her for New Years. We like the smaller quieter ships. I am ecstatic she is coming to Tampa in fall 2020. We are 20 minutes from the port!!
  10. As of fall 2020 Tampa will have....CCL, NCL, RCL, HAL, MSC and Celebrity!!! Woohoo....I am only 20 minutes from the port and sit in my kayak and watch the ships go by. I for one am estatic!!!
  11. Have found pool games on some HAL ships...putt putt golf competitions
  12. Djptcp, We too are EXTREMELY happy HAL is returning to Tampa. We are 20 minutes from the port, I sit in my kayak & watch the ships go by.
  13. She had issues last November when we were on her...however I am still looking to maybe get back on her in a few weeks!!
  14. Yes she has some crowding & definitely a few issues since the update but for some reason she is my favorite ship in the fleet and of any line we have cruised. Each to their own opinion.
  15. I am getting on the empress in a couple of weeks can you tell me a little bit about the evening entertainment?
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