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  1. The stock price high today was $19.86 or up 44%. The good news from the Independent Committee that is studying the Pfizer vaccine is the reason the stock is up. The Pfizer vaccine will be approved by the FDA in the next 10 days, followed by Moderna and Johnson and Johnson. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, 300 million doses have been purchase and will be available in December.
  2. Pfizer had 41,000 volunteers, Moderna had 31,000 volunteers and Johnson and Johnson had 62,000 volunteers. These 3 Companies will have 100s of million doses available in USA in December. I don't know where you get 150 cases. Is that in Canada?
  3. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, Pfizer vaccines will be available in the third week of this month, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson will be available in Dec. Altogether with the three, 300 million doses will be available in December, most of which have already been manufactured. The cruise lines will probably have 2 groups and how they treat them on the ship. Group 1. those that got the vaccine- No restrictions and back to normal, and Group 2. those that have not got the vaccine. Group 2 will have to practice social distancing and wear masks and probably be prohibited to go onshore exce
  4. I just looked at my credits for my Feb Cruise, the Shareholder credit dropped off. Called Princess and asked them why my Shareholder OBC was not on my account. After a 5 minute delay, the Shareholder OBC was restored.
  5. Here in Washington State, I am worried about our Gov. Inslee doing the same. Last week on the day of the Governors debate he opened up our county to Phase 2, where restaurants can open.
  6. Thanks to the $12 Billion Operation Warp Speed Initiative and ignored by most of the networks, Pfizer and Moderna recently announced that their vaccine will be available in the 3rd week of November. Our government has purchased 100 million doses from each company and they are manufacturing millions of doses every day. The US govt has the military with special equipment to handle the Vaccine distribution to Mckesson (100s of Distribution centers). Alaska cruises next summer will happen and I would say that you will need proof of a Covid shot to cruise to Alaska.
  7. Today. Moderna announce that they will be ready in December. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, 100 million doses from Moderna and Pfiser will be available and ready to be distributed this year. The US govt has the military with special equipment to handle the Vaccine distribution to McKesson (100's of Distribution Centers). I am 100% sure that I will be getting a Covid 19 shot by the time of my cruise in March.
  8. My post wasn't off topic. I said we will be cruising in Feb with our corona Virus shot and the reason is "Operation Warp Speed". I think the 200 million of the vaccines that will be available in Nov. will be enough to give to the 51% (Pew Research survey 9/17/20) of the people that will get the Corona virus shot . USA has confidence in the vaccines to preorder 200 million doses. Canada has confidence in the vaccines to preordered 100 million doses. Both USA and Canada preorders are being manufactured right now and will be ready when approved. Other Countries have confidence in the deve
  9. We will be cruising in Feb with our corona virus shot. Operation Warp Speed will make this happen. Operation Warp Speed is as follows: 1.Moderna and Pfizers Phase 3 trials ends in 2 weeks and results will be published. FDA will approve the vaccines in Nov. based on the positive results of Moderna and Pfizers similar vaccines based on a RNA messenger. 2, US govt awarded Pfizer a $1,9 million contract in July to produce 100 million doses to be delivered by Dec. Already 40 million in stock today. US govt gave Moderna $1.5 million for 100,000 million doses to be deli
  10. A 90% drop in income/employment happens every year after the Cruise Season. Skagway's population is only 920 citizens according to the latest census . Year around employment is 102, mainly govt employees. Seasonal workers coming from the lower 48 to Skagway for the cruise Season amounts to around 900, most if, not all are staying in the dormitories. All cruises to Alaska for the 2021 season will happen. A corona virus vaccine will be available next month and a 100 Million doses are ready to be delivered.
  11. Princess sails out of Pier 91, about 3 miles north-15 minute taxi ride. If you have a water view, you will be able to see your cruise ship. Be careful when you are in downtown Seattle. Crime is getting a lot worse and the police force has been cut 75% in the last 4 years.
  12. If you are leaving Seattle today. Seas are 18 ft off the Washington Coast and Vancouver Island. Winds are 40mph with guests up to 80MPH now at 10AM. The forecast is that winds and Seas will rise thru the afternoon.
  13. Not safe at all, the King county Prosecutor says he will only prosecute violet crimes- murder, attempted murder and assaults. All of the 100's of arrests in the Seattle riots, including arson, injuring Policemen, blinding police by lasers, damaging and burning down structures were not prosecuted because the city attorney said that the protesters have a constitutional right to protest. Stay in neighboring cities or at the airport hotels. Below is a walking tour of how Seattle downtown looked last week.. Cliff Mass, a University of Washington Professor blogs are mainly about weather
  14. Why doesn't Princess have any Carribbean Cruises for Oct -Dec 2021? Usually, Princess lists their scheduled Cruises 2 years out.
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