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  1. After 10 cruises on the Azamara Quest in the last 4 years we are now looking for something different. So have booked on the Viking Sun for their Islands Of the South Pacific cruise departing February 12 2019 from Santiago to Sydney to evaluate whether to change our loyalty to Viking for our 3 cruises per year.


    Although Viking's advertised free drink policy

    [only free at lunch and dinner]

    is nowhere near as comprehensive as Azamara's which is fully inclusive, including champagne and cocktails, can someone inform me if the free drinks policy at lunch and dinner on Viking is similar to Azamara, where drink staff are attentive to one's needs the entire time one dines, or is Viking like the airlines, that is wait for one drink and you do not see them again?


    I also believe that alcohol can be bought on board for private consumption in the cabin. Is this correct?


    The above does not intimate that I am a drunk but being Aussies my partner and I enjoy a few beers and a wine with our meals.





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