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  1. Actually, Princess does not require you to watch it. They only require that it runs IF you turn on the TV. If you don't use the TV, it won't come on. If you use the TV, you are not tied to a chair with your eyeballs propped open . You can unpack something or walk out and go get some lunch. But, it's the cast of the Love Boat doing it. It's funny, entertaining, and people might actually learn something. They mixed information you need to know with nostalgia. It's about 10 minutes long. I'd watch it anyway. I think it's hysterical and I remember that more than what I hear from the fe
  2. They should make that mandatory in place of going to muster stations, although I do understand why we have to go to the muster stations. The video? Is brilliant, it's entertaining. I remember watching it right after they added it. Most people I've spoken to who saw it before it was sort of mandatory, loved it. How can anyone NOT remember everything they saw and heard in that video?
  3. They are supposed to be done on all cruises. I think the question is, what are the circumstances that would cause them not to do it? It may have something to do with audition nights, the number of people who participate, and whether they can get 6 to 8 singers who have some shred of talent to warrant having that event take place on board. For them to put all of that together takes a lot of time and a lot of money in addition to the franchise fees they have to pay to have it. The band gets paid extra for the rehearsals and the dress rehearsal. The backup singers also get paid extra
  4. Many asked for the link which is at the top. Now some are asking for me to embed it again. Here's the embedded way to get to it. The direct link is still in the first post. The link is set to public. Anyone can view it. Anyone can comment and anyone can share it.
  5. We were on The Regal last week. To me, it's freezing everywhere I go onboard. I do have a medical condition and cold does worsen it. I took jeans, a jacket, a sweatshirt, a long-sleeved top, and I bring shoulder wraps for formal nights. One can feel the difference throughout the ship. You can adjust your cabin temperature to a degree but the rest of the ship, be prepared to cover up in restaurants, dining rooms, the theatre, etc. They keep it cold for the same reason doctors' offices and hospitals do: to kill germs and prevent bacteria from growing and spreading.
  6. I had Alex, the Cruise Director on The Sky, explain The Voice of The Ocean to me this past year while he was still on The Caribbean Princess, back in May. Then Martyn Moss, Director of Entertainment, confirmed and added to that last week while we were on The Regal. In between those two cruises, I got into the finals in October on the Island Princess (partial Panama Canal). Martyn was basically confirming some things for me as questions had arisen with Alex, and while I was doing The Voice of the Ocean in October. The Voice of The Ocean is a bona fide franchise piece of
  7. We came across Club Class being sold out and they put us on a list just in case they had a cancellation. Because of circumstances, specials, and some other things, we switched to a suite. Suite passengers can eat in Club Class or the main dining room area. Their choice. We did 6 cruises this year and we had Club Class dining for 5 of them. It's HARD to go back once you get spoiled on the attention the waiters give you. The price between a mini-suite and a Club Class mini-suite isn't all that much and it's solely for Club Class dining. I think it's worth the few extra bucks. Yes, al
  8. If anyone is staying on Baja, Forward they need to watch out for Fernando. This dude overstepped his boundaries three times. One of those times was similar to your experience on the last day. We both put the information in our surveys and we were extremely detailed as to what he did and what we clearly told him. If I'm in the cabin, the "Privacy Please" is on the door. If I call for tea or room service I tell them it's on the door and to knock. I don't like the idea that they can somehow unlock the deadbolt. I need to check with some people who know about locks so they can explain that to me.
  9. I'm sure you're going to love it. Being there is a totally different experience than seeing it on video. There seemed to be a phenomenal amount of Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers there and I saw people in their late 60's-early 70's up and rockin' out! The older man to my right was in a wheelchair and he used the wheels to dance in his wheelchair.
  10. I see quite a few people talking about this concert on other Regal reviews so I'm giving this a bump. Here's what I filmed last week on the Regal. The links are public. you can watch it, share it, comment on it. Martyn is tagged on all of the videos so he will see comments if you wish to tell him directly about how much you enjoyed it.
  11. The crew members who do that rock concert on the Regal do it on their own time. They have to rehearse on their free time. Not every person participating is working on the ship as a musician. Martin and Dan aren't musicians on the ship. One of the guitarists is some kind of engineer on the ship. The pirate lady only performs for that concert. Otherwise, she works in the casino. Will it be on the Sky? Only if the Cruise Director Alex wants it. He went from the Caribbean Princess to the Sky. We met him on his last cruise before going to the Sky and Martyn had not started the Princess
  12. Does "Fernando" ring any bells? Just wondering. And yes, the cabin stewards have the same tablets as the wait staff that show them where you are. If a cabin steward looks on their tablet, they can see who is, and who is not in each cabin. No formal photos? Could have been Crooners. Could have been anywhere. My brain will flip through all the faces it captured on that cruise until it finds you. 😉
  13. 🙂 My husband was on the radio, starting on AM, for 50 years. He started 4 years after Alan Freed died.
  14. Hi Andrew! Loved your review. My write up was exclusively about the Princess Rock Orchestra. I had a chance to talk to Martyn Moss at length about it. The band rehearses only when they have spare time. The cruise line gives them no money for better equipment and they don't give them rehearsal time to add to the repertoire. Everyone in that band/orchestra does that sheerly to bring us a rock concert onboard. So if you still need to do your survey, please add in to give that rock orchestra the equipment and time they need to put together an even better show. The likelihood of it movi
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