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  1. You’re going to love SeaDream!! When we were precruise on St Thomas we had a great time night kayaking. The kayaks light the dark waters and you see the big tarpon and other fish. I think the kayaks have clear bottoms if I remember correctly. They offer it thru Frenchman’s Reef but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to stay there to buy the event.
  2. yes, in March we travelled with a couple new to Sea Dream and we each got $100 on board credit. I did not know about it when I booked so I called SeaDream office directly and asked for them to consider it. And they did. Not sure if that is common though.
  3. Zimmy's! Thanks for all your feedback back in March when I went on SD1. All was great. And it was fun to meet the crew there as well. Chef Tomasz (sp? 😞 ) bent over backwards to lavish us with gluten free options. There was though, a weird sewer-like smell in the stairwell near deck 2 that no one on the crew truly wanted to admit to! I hope it's fixed for you. But I chimed in here b/c I'm finalizing our reservations to do a very similar itinerary to yours next May-June. Only 8 days though so actually adding on a puddle jumper to a greek island for a few nights so we don't miss out on tha
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