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  1. well i just called seadream office. We are 96% full. Has anyone travelled with it at that capacity? Harder to get Balinese beds in afternoon and outdoor tables etc?
  2. one more thing. so interesting to hear about the safety light up front for the balinese overnight. I didn't know it was related to being anchored vs sailing. We tried that and we were anchored overnight at Jost and it was way too bright. We enjoyed the fun concept and then transitioned to our room! I'm encouraging our friends to do it, so I'll suggest the nights we aren't anchored for sign up if possible. Thank you for the help.
  3. great stuff! Thank you so much. Those smiles say it all! Ok. so, our itinerary definitely says Leverick bay and the excursion says, after the Baths, you'll take a scenic tour to the northern part of the island ( Leverick). We've done the baths 4 times, but it's so beautiful! And we are bringing a new couple on SD who's never sailed or been to BVI's and would like to experience it with them. I guess we'll just decide on board how to approach that. I was trying to avoid the truck/bus tour and feel a little more free. As a side note, my husband and I with a few other couples did a power catamaran vacation through the BVI's last June and we moored off Leverick bay and did their big dinner BBQ buffet. That area is in good shape and shops around there also. Thanks for all the other updates also. Interesting you're reporting 52 on what sounds like my week, 3/16...The rooms all look booked except a few. 15 countries! That's so cool.
  4. YAY! So glad you had awesome time on SD1! Thanks for taking the time to share all that. So, relating to the baths...You had a difficult time getting taxi from Spanish town? Or from the baths back to the ship location? I know next week when we are on, the ship will relocate to Leverick bay after dropping off at Spanish town so thinking that might be a LONG taxi ride?? Did the ship relocate there on your itinerary or stay at that small pier in Spanish Town? That's weird about San Juan customs b/c the other two times we disembarked were also in San Juan and that didn't happen. I think our itinerary is close to or is maxed out with occupancy. Thanks again
  5. I think SD relocates to Leverick Bay after dropping the people who want to do the Baths excursion. So I guess we can just ask concierge about our options. Not sure how far the taxi ride from Baths to Leverick Bay if we have to meet the ship back over there. Oh my just looked at the map. They are on opposite sides of the island from each other. I guess that's why the excursion has that long open air truck ride around the island following the Baths. I'll just have to ask on board probably. Thanks cbtjr: So for the USB ports, are they near the bed or across room by the mirrors?
  6. Thank you for feedback so far! TZ-I will do that! And thanks for always being so willing to help everyone on this forum! Fun to stay in the loop between much anticipated SD trips.
  7. Hi All- Heading on Seadream 1 in March. I've been on SD2 twice but this is a first on SD1. I'm going to miss seeing the crew from SD2 but looking forward to meeting another great team. Anyone know what enhancements were made in dry dock before the TA? Also, I'm gluten free and so is the couple we are bringing with us this time. Last time we sailed there were few adjustments for GF. Has anyone sailed recently and have any feedback or advice for getting some yummy GF options? I did make comments on the online reservation form about it. Also, does anyone know if you can do the Baths at VG without doing the excursion from SD. We don't want to have to do the tour around the island afterward? Thank you!
  8. Ship time stays on Port time zone which is Eastern time zone.
  9. No priority or faster to fun. I believe it was 8am. Tour scheduled for 8am Cayman time which is 9am ship time. We were 20-30 minutes early until our tour guide showed up exactly on time. There were many tenders running. One waiting to fill more passengers as soon as we pulled away from ship.
  10. In the morning, we were on the first tender but b/c of the time difference we could have waited a little bit. But we avoided a long line. We went down to the first floor and waited. On the way back, we were supposed to be back at 3:15. The line for tenders was really long. We got in line at 2:45 or 3pm. I don't think we got back until 4pm. And there were lots of people behind us. I'm guessing the ship assumes this and plans for it.
  11. sorry...No, there was no inappropriate behavior that I saw at either of the pools. What I mean by crazy I guess is the congestion. How every chair is right next to another and there are people everywhere, and towels saving lounge chairs. And the main pool on the center of deck 10 is also a thoroughfare to get to and from buffet and bars and some restaurants. Long lines of people at those at times. I like the energy of the music and the games sometimes, but sometimes it's nice to just chill out. The rear of the deck 10 is the Tides Pool. It's a slightly smaller pool and 2 hot tubs. It was very full most of the time. But there were plenty of chairs either on the pool deck or the decks right above the pool deck overlooking it. There were no organized cruise "games" at this pool, just some music playing from speakers. No DJ. That is the area where the pizza place and seafood shack are and one bar. I think that area attracted less crowds. If you want a really quiet pool area, you can pay extra for the Havanna area which has a pool and 2 hot tubs that are only for Havanna area guests. I hope this helps. Our cruise experience was very family friendly. It is summer break still though.
  12. we loved Grand Cayman. Wished more time there. We honeymooned there 17 years ago and were excited to show our kids. We booked Dexter's Fantasea as an outside tour. He is on vacation now until the end of September I believe. Check out their reviews on Trip Advisor. Catamaran with less than 25 people. Went to stingray sandbar and a snorkel spot. 2 older gentlemen run it. Very family friendly. Tour went from 9-12 ship time. They pick you up and drop you off wherever you want. We went to Marriott afterward (where we honeymooned) for lunch at their outdoor restaurant and snorkeling at their beach. They have artificial reef balls right there and there were lots of fish.
  13. We didn't see any shows. The times were inconvenient for us and since the reviews were mixed... we saw the theater and thought it was a little better than the reviews but since we didn't actually see one we can't be much help.
  14. Yes there is a Starbucks and I saw lots of yummy concoctions being carried around. It is for extra $$. The free coffee is at both pool decks and it's brewed dark and pretty good.
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