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  1. Highly disagree with this. Baltimore has one of the highest percentages of repeat guests. Travel in the winter months and there are well over 1,200 C&A guests, with usually around 500 Diamonds.
  2. Referencing my signature, 2009-2010 area lol
  3. Sad day. I love that ship. Anyone know a more specific date? I want to try to get on the last sailing. Heck I may have it booked for all I know.
  4. Actually he just hit 8,000 last month.
  5. Glad i'm not the only one that has this problem.
  6. In what universe is Nassau and CocoCay Western Caribbean? I guess they have to pay for the island somehow.
  7. I've heard a trumpeter and a guy reading from a scroll shouting "hear ye" from the roof of the Miami office is in the works.
  8. Need? No - it is a closed loop cruise. Should you have one? Absolutely.
  9. It is relatively new. First saw it on Anthem in November. The Cab Sav tastes like battery acid.
  10. PVSA states that the ship must stop at a distant foreign port. Nassau does not count as a distant foreign port.
  11. You can request a table for two by calling prior to your cruise. You may also have some luck if you talk to the dining room staff when you first board. I've always requested a small table prior to sailing and it is typically honored. I always do traditional dining.
  12. They have found a way to ruin the island even more. Wonderful.
  13. Interesting. I was not aware they revived the open booking.
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