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  1. Sailing 1-6 on Breakaway. Started in an OC assigned O1, booked with a 20% latitudes discount. Got the invitation to upgrade at about 60 days. Bid $5 more than the cheapest cost to upgrade OX to MX (high poor range, I think). Upgrade bid for an MA accepted at 3 days before sailing. When BX dropped below what I paid I called my PCC to see if he could upgrade me, and he told me no--that if the balcony was even $1 he would do it, but couldn't if it was less. Said I could buy up to MX, but that would have cost me another $300 in fare PLUS I'd lose all the Free at Sea amenities (some of which I need.) The O1 is pretty cool, I would have been happy there also, so we just waited for the bidding process. Now we get to try out a mini suite-- sweet!
  2. I'm also watching this cruise (Breakaway 1/6/19) We upgraded to an OC guarantee a month or so ago and it was just assigned an O1 yesterday. I had hoped that the removal of that option would mean that maybe we'd be upgraded to a balcony. No dice! We paid $749 on the 20% off to latitudes members fare and got 3 perks. BX is now $699. The minimum bids we have access to are jumping all over the place, minimum on balcony varying from $25-50 ea. There are about 500 cabins booked as interior or ocean view and by the time 40 or so balcony cabins upgrade to the available spots above them, there could be around 240 balcony cabins for those lower category passengers to bid on.
  3. @bbnjcruiser: I don't think so. The (i) button on the bid rating says that the meter given reflects the "range of successful offers on past similar cruises." I would say that maybe the jumping around of the minimum bid is related to the processing of bidding on other cruises. It does not appear that any of the bids are read at all until the batch is processed. It seems like they first process the bids for the suites, and work their way down the categories.
  4. Do they assign GTY cabins first, or process bids first?
  5. @opshannon When you bid, you have to put a credit card in, on the upgrade advantage website. It doesn't automatically use your original form of payment.
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