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  1. All Neptunes are good, book it. The SC on Kdam are bigger than the SA, but with a VERY small balcony. So the size difference between SA SB SC can be quite substantial. I would not hesitate to go the Neptune route.
  2. The entertainment is much better at night. None during the day. The main theater is very nice with less good entertainment. Good food in many places around the ship---except in the MDR. We rarely go there anymore. We also are sailing in December on the NS.
  3. N.A. Has moved from it’s birth to anchor in Elliot Bay.
  4. Silver Muse is here also. (At a distance)
  5. From the Edgewater Hotel. Just happen to be staying here 🙂
  6. If you think that water in an aluminum can is bad, try Pepsi or Coke! That stuff is really bad without a container---lol.
  7. A few random thoughts..... There is nothing new in the above. 2 people in the same cabin tested positive That is not a false positive. There is Covid (of course) on the ship. We will see how it works out....
  8. It is not about saving the Alaska cruise season, but rather safe cruising.
  9. All business include Cruise companies that are in Florida waters. According to DeSantis.
  10. Just checked a Neptune SA, 7 day in September---$10,000 for the room---without logging in.
  11. It is not about "different views" or even opinion. Nor is it about freedom. It is about facts and reality.
  12. No different than what we have been doing for a long time when going to a restaurant....
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