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  1. Very few people in the world have been vaccinated---by percent of the world population. And Quebec does have a different culture.
  2. By the end of the year. Pax and crew will have vaccinations and testing before boarding. Mandatory and still with masks. Ships will not be to capacity.
  3. Would you be willing to sell that flashlight? I have never seen one before and I like it...
  4. Try a dummy booking online, there will be a dialog box that pops up giving you a choose of some rooms---choose your own---or let them select. Then just do not finish the booking. They do not show all available choices, but do give exact room numbers....
  5. Children do get the Virus, they also pass it on to Teachers who pass it on.... "parentsme having to give up their jobs to take care of the children" School is not for baby sitting... Parent should take care of their children... They will get there education... STOP THE POLITICS IN C.C. This is a thread about International travel and Vaccines.
  6. Thoughtful post, but yes. This virus is not going away...best wishes...
  7. Potential of 90% effective rate...safety still to yet be determined.
  8. It is "contactless" also. "Sounds Orwellian to me." So is a drivers license...
  9. The SA balconies are very similar in size to other HAL ships. No loungers though. 2 "wider" chairs instead. Yes, there still is a table to eat at with standard type chairs. The SC balconies are tight just to sit on and you really cannot eat there.
  10. I do not see cruising happening this year period because the USA numbers are not good. They are quite bad. In a previous post I put up that was taken down I mentioned that in one years time we will get close to the total deaths of WWII (for USA). We are approaching half of that right now... BTW, we do go out to eat inside--but with masks(except while sitting) and very much small places with distancing. We have walked out of 3 places. I do not see this distancing happening on ships. For us, the only way is to have ships in a bubble.???!!!??? Foreign ports aside. Thanks
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