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  1. Sailaway25


    :D . Wow... nah ur right far too much hard work
  2. Sailaway25


    No we’re not doing anything special, so I think I may just book once on board... thanks lanky lad
  3. Sailaway25


    having always booked our excursions prior to sailing, I am thinking about leaving it till we are onboard as we have a lot of obc. So with that in mind have most people found that they are able to go on the outings that they want, and are they much more expensive then pre cruise?? Only looking at booking excersions for Tenerife and Lanzarote on the Christmas cruise on Q.V.
  4. Sailaway25

    Wine package

    Looking forward to my 3rd cruise at Christmas. We are thinking of buying a wine package, however I we don’t finish all of the bottles before the end of the cruise, will they Box the rest up to take home.. thanks
  5. Sailaway25

    Tea and coffee

    Oh ok... We can do relays for the tea between myself nd my hubby, bringing it back down to the cabin...good way of getting exercise!
  6. Sailaway25

    Tea and coffee

    Goodness i better start saving up, a i have a cup of tea hourly!
  7. Sailaway25

    Tea and coffee

    How much tip do you give? Do you do when each tea comes long, or t he nd of the voyage?
  8. Sailaway25

    Tea and coffee

    I have just read the latest review of the queen elizabeth, which stated to have tea and coffee brought to your room was chargeable, and a service charge was also added...guys can you clarify this...many thanks
  9. Sailaway25

    Cruise Pricing

    I too booked early in the year for a December cruise.... The price is down but the cabin choice is limited, they have also thrown in drinks now as well. I was peeved to begin with, but i am happy with our choice of cabin, and the certainty that ihave got what i have booked.....so would i leave it later next time to book, im not to sure? Its alwys a bit of a gamble!
  10. Sailaway25

    QV Pics from Transatlantic

    Lovely photos
  11. Sailaway25

    Hi all, a question from a newbie please..

    Yes I've seen the hair dryers...im going to take my own, i have thick mid length hair, and although its big i prefer my own dryer...it looks like a typicl hotel hair dryer...i hate the short cords
  12. Sailaway25


    Ohh i like that a lot...i think i want something as glam!...more shopping ahoy!
  13. Sailaway25


    Thnk you hattie, those are beautiful...sooo i definitely need some long frocks...ebay her i come..i wasn't quite sure, didn't want to be over the top.
  14. Sailaway25


    Yeah, I have looked t that......but mostly American would have liked some uk pictures...no offence but i do think we do dress differently to our US cousins, and have different shops to where we buy from..
  15. Sailaway25


    Just wondered if anyone could and would share some pictures of their dresses for formal non formal nights, or trouser suits that you have worn...both me and my mom are getting twitched about our wardrobe...:)